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Talented developers wasted no time to develop exclusive features and services. Even the smartphones from Google which are released with the stock version of Android which is essentially the purest version of Android comes with bloatware or unnecessary apps like Google Play Movies or Google Play Books which most users may not use. How to Pin on Google Meet? One of the most recommended apps to delete preinstalled Apps on Android, it’s a free application with many features including disabling, enabling, and deleting system apps, along with the ability to create a backup of them before the deletion process and restore them later on your demand. While it will not be available for use on your device you can always install the app from the Google Play Store or by installing an APK on your device if you change your mind. You can also hide the application icon to avoid having anyone to do anything on your phone, and you will have the ability to clean Dalvic cache, move apps into ROM, and more. Despite the OEMs’ best efforts, some users are still not satisfied with the look and feel of their devices, out of the box. In this article, I will let you know how to delete Preinstalled Apps on Android , but first, you need to know the answer to the question; What are the preinstalled apps and why would you need to delete them?

I am Raja, a tech enthusiast who loves to read and write anything related to technology. So, in this piece, we’ll tell you all about the unwanted applications on your mobile phone and see if we can help you get rid of a few of them.

Go to Settings and click on the ‘About Phone’ option. First: Head to your phone’s Settings and go to Apps or Applications or Manage Applications. For instance, your Camera app could provide you with some features, but not like another camera application that provides you with many other functions like filters or others. Make sure you have the relevant USB drivers for your Android device installed on your PC or laptop. Ray Tracing Games List for Xbox Series X and PS5! Always remember that every problem you will face, you will find a solution for it on Gihosoft, and don’t also forget sharing this article with your friends who are suffering from the low processing speed.

No Root – Disable Preinstalled Apps on Android. Disable the app Step 1: Go to Settings.

Let’s see how to remove pre-installed apps from your Android phone. Note: Change the OEM, Carrier or the App Name to what you need, in our case, write the name of your phone’s manufacturer like Oneplus. Make sure your Android device is connected to your PC via USB and then type the command ‘adb devices’ on the command prompt.

Open the folder where you had extracted the ADB tools file and then open a command prompt or a Windows PowerShell window at that location by holding the shift key and then right clicking on an empty space and selecting the ‘Open the PowerShell window here’ option.

Now, click on the app which you want to remove from your phone from the list of installed apps on your device. The app will also be restored if you ever perform a factory reset on your device. If you are really determined to remove the preinstalled apps, you can root your Android phone. How to set up messages backup and restore on Android, How to Check ECG on Your Samsung Galaxy Watch, iOS 14: How to Make Siri Talk When Your Iphone Is Charging, How to Leave a Team in Microsoft Teams and What Happens When You Do. Second: Find the application you want to disable and click on its name. No manufacturer in the business can show the audacity of resting on its laurels, as competitors are always striving to break new ground. Samsung ditched its bulky TouchWiz in favor of One UI (now 2.0), while companies like LG and Sony, too, have shed a lot of weight. How to change your wallpaper on Android 10 in a few... Cheap cell phone plans that use the Verizon network (September 2020). Now you will get a popup on your Android device asking you to Allow USB debugging on your PC. You can now enable USB Debugging mode to allow your PC to run commands using USB cable. The world of smartphones is always in a state of flux. To allow USB Debugging mode, open Settings, go to Developer Options, find USB Debugging and enable it. Most of Android phone manufacturers apply their own interface on the system, along with a number of applications that are comes preinstalled, including the basic Apps like music players, internet explorer, cloud services like Samsung Cloud and others. You are not likely to use any of them, but they will keep on drawing resources until the end of time. I listen to music and watch a lot of movies and TV series during my free time. Step 8: The app will be removed from your Home screen, app drawer, and all other places. Drag it to the remove icon.

adb shell, Then type and run this command based on your device: However, it will still be present on your device and you can revert the action and enable the app to use it, in case you change your mind in the future. These preinstalled applications cannot be removed nor deleted in the same way you delete your own applications that you download via Google Play Store. Step 5: Tap on Google Chrome. Step 7: Confirm when a pop-up appears. Back in the day, having superior hardware used to be a guaranteed slam dunk. Type above and press Enter to search.