Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. I agree! Meanwhile, there are a ton of "What Mad Men Character Are You?"

I wouldn't want to tell you my name if you ask "Name" as a field label.

The same goes for the body of your email. The ad should give people some information about the specifics of the survey, what respondents you’re looking for and what the payment per completed survey is going to be. As it is, those who fill out the survey will be a portion of your customer base who a) like filling out surveys, b)loved your service and/or c)hated your service.

Thank you! If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Consumer Surveys that is still specifically designed for the purpose of survey creation, you may want to give AYTM a try. Craigslist is obviously not designed for the specific purpose of publishing surveys and because of this fact, you’ll have to do more manual work than in the case of using Google Consumer Surveys.
Making each question quick and easy to answer--instead of asking users to describe something, give them a description and ask them to agree/disagree on a Likert scale (e.g., 1 = totally disagree, 5 = totally agree).
Instead, make answering your survey a low commitment task by: Request their email onsite, so that you can send the survey link directly to their inbox.

In the second option, the voice has shifted from US to YOU, and that can make all the difference. The problem that we have been having is simply that we are only getting around 20% of the customers to fill out a survey, and only about 10% of those have anything useful on them.

One reason could be just that it is difficult for one to fill it out on mobile and that's why they drop off.

This survey platform ranks among the most affordable options and depending on the number of question, you can carry out a survey for as little as 30 cents per respondent.

It is so common sense to build momentum with really anything you do. Thanks for contributing an answer to User Experience Stack Exchange! I am working on a project that provides a service (landscaping) to members of the community. This is some truly good advice. Is it really safe to use signal or telegram on untrusted phone hardware? Custom survey projects that are more complex will be a whole lot costlier. Make sure to preface the survey with a paragraph about how much you value their feedback, stating explicitly that you want to learn how to deliver a better service to them personally, Make all questions optional and make sure the user is aware of this, Users often abandon surveys half way through.

for freeform answers. Sometimes, semantics are everything.