Now you can check your backed up Spotify music in the "History" section. The simple remedy is to undo the deletion with the built-in recover playlist features of Spotify. I know there's already a topic about this, but it doesn't really answer to my question: in that other topic, it is explained that you can't make a playlist collaborative AND public.

Collaborative Playlist is not Totally Same as Making Spotify Playlist Public. Alternatively, you can also identify an existing playlist you want to turn into a collaborative one. Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. External links disclaimer website may contain links to external websites that are not provided or maintained by or may not be in any way affiliated with Systweak Blogs Please note that the Systweak Blogs does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information on these external websites. There are two ways to make Spotify Collaborative playlist on PC/Mac. Let me know if you have collaborative playlists that you’d like to see on this list as well. Keep in mind that the only limitation is that you must be the playlist owner in order to make an existing playlist collaborative. The song is mainly based on one person's failure. Though it's been a feature of the Spotify playlist platform for a number of years, many users have yet to discover the utility of collaborative playlists.

Systweak Blogs assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service. Spotify playlist editors are showing artists what's under the hood of their elaborate playlist operation. Returning to the same drop-down view you used to activate the collaborative feature, an option to share the playlist should appear farther down in the menu. Hit on the green "RESTORE" button to undelete Spotify playlist. Spotify needs to expand its library not just by adding new songs but also by categorizing them to account for every user’s preference and taste. Step 1. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Share the Spotify Collaborative Playlist. This should yield the same drop-down menu mentioned previously, allowing you to activate the "Collaborative Playlist" option from here. To turn on Collaborative playlist on desktop, right click (Ctrl-click on Mac) a playlist in the left panel and select "Collaborative Playlist". You can hit on the blue folder icon to take a glance of the backup Spotify music. [see screenshot]. Copyright © TuneFab Software Inc. All rights reserved. Systweak Blogs reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the contents on the Service at any time without prior notice.

Step 3: Choose from the medium you wish to use to share the web link of your Spotify collaborative playlist. It’s a final work of your music knowledge and you’re just publicizing your great taste in music. Even if you are not a premium subscriber of Spotify, you can download Spotify music to your computer as a backup. As you can see from the screenshot above, you are allowed to drag songs, playlists, artists, tracks, etc. In the left panel, right-click a playlist. Share with your friends to let them know! Note: If you regret soon after deleting your playlist, hit on the shortcut on your keyboard "Ctrl"+ "Z" to withdraw the deletion. Have you made use of Spotify's collaborative playlist feature in the past? Also Read: How To Browse Safe With Spotify Private Session. Then, hit on "VIEW ACCOUNT" and you will be brought to your account page. Here's how to get your music on these collaborative playlists.1.Click The Name2.Follow The Playlist3.Click The Add Song Button4.Add Your Track5.Move Your Track U ... Well You've Found Over 200 Collaborative Playlists To Add Your Music To. Spotify has got a bunch of sharing options. The first method can be done on the desktop app. No matter you use Spotify desktop client or the Spotify web player, you can find the corresponding button to restore deleted Spotify playlists.