But this app will make it easier. If fact, I'm going to add something to the beginning of the article to mention that. “Listen Ray and Amanda, we’ve had our players run the mile for years as part of their conditioning and fitness test, why should we stop now?” Was the question demanded of us from the Head Basketball Coach. I will tell you... some people are more comfortable with entering stats on an iPad than others. The answer is never. Yes, I do think Points Per Possession is a very valuable stat!I actually do look at that stat and it is reported in the Breakthrough Stats App.Points Per Possession gives you a very accurate indication of the effectiveness of your defense and your offense. You can go pretty quick. This is a critical report for us and this tool makes me a better coach. So both buttons are needed in that situation. I'm not sure.

However we have quite a few people in other countries using the app and it works fine for them.

Also, strong shoulders and abs will help you to be more of a scoring threat, so if you do military presses 2 times a week and leg lifts every other day, you … The first four stats give you an instant snapshot of what's happening in the game. Jeff:This is actually my profession - I'm a software developer with over 30 years experience and I've both given and taken many classes in UI design, so I know what you went through. I've been using the app for my daughter's 6th grade basketball team, and I really like it.One suggestion on the reports that are generated - I would like to see a shot chart (for both teams) included in one of the reports or as a separate report. Will there be an Android version of the app? The first time we did The Basketball Mile, some of the more fit players thought it was “too easy” as they were on sprint 8 of the first 14 and didn’t feel too winded. A lot of games are won and lost at the line, especially in the 4th qtr.I would definately leave in the top 4.JMO, David - Good point. Now our mile is looking more like an actual basketball game. "Is that any better? You don't even need permanent screen buttons for rebounds at all - it could prompt you after a shot was taken. Hustle and teamwork stats. For youth development, I agree with you. Aqiranea kuzma. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media.

I believe youth coaches should focus on development. At high school level, it's usually a student manager or player for one of the teams not playing. Not much you can do about your opponents FT shooting percentage. We have kept live stats for around 100 games... ranging from 3rd grade to 10th grade.You need a spotter (two people).

We will make sure when it is all said and done the players will have run a mile in distance.”. Jeff / David As for free throws.... we were typically a pretty good FT shooting team. Adding a separate shot chart report is high on our priority list. It is such a positive way to reinforce good habits.

As politely as we could, we explained that having basketball players run the mile not only didn’t get them in basketball-ready shape, but was also a detrimental waste of time and energy. If not he/she will have a lot of turnovers. I think it is pointless to compare yours with your opponent's because you have no control over your opponent's shooting ability. Almost always the fastest basketball player on the court, if not the entire region. It is one of our key individual most important plays along with deflections (which indicates you are in position, anticipating and playing hard), First to the floor which helps us win the 50/50 balls along with charges which protect our basket. And if it took the slowest player ten-seconds to sprint there and back he only got ten-seconds of rest before the next attempt. 1) Turnovers - As a coach, you want to know how many turnovers you commit and how it compares to your opponent.

So as a goal, we're always trying to beat our opponent in at least 3 out of those 4 stats. As an example, I might see that everything is pretty even except our opponent has 10 more FG attempts than us.

So 56 full court sprints equals one mile in distance. The Internet's #1 Website for Basketball Camps, Resources and Learning Products. PGC Basketball teaches players and coaches to think the game at a college and pro level, and become leaders both on and off the court. You can download the app in the iTunes store.

Running a mile is not basketball. Jake. FG% is only relevant if the two teams' FGAs are relatively equal.You mentioned you don't emphasize FT% much but I would go further. You will receive our weekly Think The Game newsletter as well as receive the latest updates and promotions from PGC. I'm surprised it's not available for Android since it has a larger market share.... Phil - Sorry, at this point we do not have an Android version in development.