With Ryder and Coco now dating, the couple spend their day after school at Ryder's house, playing on the X-Box, forgot about Raffy. A week later, Ryder helps Coco with her protest enviroment and unaware that he starts to annoy her. Saved by Riveravitalia. The next day, she confess to Raffy that she likes Ryder. On Ryder's first day at Summer Bay High, he sat next to Coco in one of his lessons, and there, he talks back to Coco's mother, Maggie Astoni, who is also the school principal.

Coco admits to Ryder that she's not ready for sex or taking the relationship to the next level . After their talk, Coco leaves with Ziggy and Ryder tells her that he'll see her sometime. When Coco continues to worry for her mother, Ryder thought Coco doesn't like him anymore since they barely hangout like they used to. As Ryder's jealousy worsens, Coco breaks up with him. But unaware to him, she gave him her father, Ben Astoni's number instead of her own.

When Coco arrives to Raffy's house in a pretty dress, Ryder was fascinated how beautiful Coco was and offers her to sit with him. When Roo tries to tell Ryder to open the door, Coco tells her that not to get mad at him as he's doing it for her. The two starts a relationship after that. Roo pushes Ryder to Coco, and Raffy persuade him to ask Coco to dance with him already, Ryder gives in and summon up the courage to ask Coco for a dance, who accepts, by taking his hand and they slow waltz together, hinting there might be a romance between them. The Ryder-Coco Relationship was a friendship/romantic relationship between Ryder Jackson and Coco Astoni. When Coco's mother Maggie Astoni is ill, Coco struggles and Ryder cheers her up by playing music at the school. But the two remain as friends. Can we please welcome Cameron Daddo to Summer Bay?! Coco later starts to get jealous with Ryder and Raffy starts to flirt each other and Coco leaves. When Coco arrives and meets Ryder and Raffy, Ryder goes and buys her a smoothie. When Ryder told Coco that she stole "his heart", Ziggy thought Ryder was talking to her, but Ryder meant Coco. But Coco stops his words and kisses him, to prove him that she still likes him. Who Is Stargirl’s Father? The Bold And The Beautiful: Why Are The Writers Determined To Push Parents To Be Together? We Answer More Questions About The Secrets She Keeps, Flashback Friday: Yin And Yang: Mulan’s Adventure Continues In ‘Mulan 2’, Avengers Endgame: Why The Friendship Between Nebula And Tony Was Important, The Secrets She Keeps: Questions & Answers, The Secrets She Keeps: The True Story That Inspired Michael Robotham’s Novel And The Mini Series. He later became friends with Coco and Raffy. They met again at the Diner, and they talked. Quinn Jaxon, Actor: ErOddity(s) 2. After a while, they break up again. In November 2017, Coco develops a crush on Ryder, but was jealous when Ryder flirts with her best friend Raffy Morrison. She calls him and he had the opportunity to ask Coco on a date and she accepts. When Coco returns home, she and Ryder was happy were happy to see each other and Ryder noticed her Henna tattoo on her hand and looked at it. But Ryder told he when he said "alone time" he meant going out on another date, not sleeping with her. Ryder eventually finds out that Coco likes him and pursues her, as he likes her too. Quinn Jackson #2.

However, their relationship became struggle as Coco has been talking to a guy from camp named Jeremy, which causes Ryder to gets jealous and Coco annoyed. As Raffy leaves them together, Ryder tells Coco that if she wants to be with Maggie, he won't get in the way and they'll have a break for a while. He invites Coco and Raffy to Quinn's farewell lunch and they accept the invitation, before Ryder invites them to help him find a farewell cake for his mother. The Secrets She Keeps: The Hunt Is On For The Missing Baby – Episode 4, How Far Would You Go To Have The Perfect Life? Coco sat by the beach as Ryder went after her. Enter your email address to subscribe to Project Fangirl and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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