While inspecting the cradle, Robbo tells Jasmine he’s going to give it Tori. But when he goes on to say that they can take it back once they have their own kids, Jasmine’s mood drops, and it’s unclear why. Justin is very eager to "talk" to Leah and invites her to the garage where he turns into the fumbling and nervous mess. Despite their help and guidance, no-one can seem to get through to Jasmine …

Her world fell apart when she lost the love of her life, her husband Robbo (Jake Ryan), in a horror car accident. No, Jasmine is not pregnant with Robbo’s child.

Tane looks right at home rummaging through the fridge and insists that he’s not leaving the Bay anytime soon. Home and Away is set to bring more drama between two of its beloved characters this week in confronting scenes. Marilyn acts like a guest in her own home and tip toes out of the house in the morning after she was bombarded into letting Tane stay.

It is stressed that it’s for “one night only”. Gap Face Masks: Face Masks for Kids & Adults, The Crystal Ball Has Spoken: Find Your Halloween Nails Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Where Sara & Clare Bronfman Are Two Years After The NXIVM Fallout. Soon after, when a worried Irene (Lynne McGranger) urges Jasmine to visit the doctor about the fact that she has been feeling so lethargic and nauseous, Jasmine drops a bombshell on her friend. Jasmine walks over to Grace and says "you’re safe now with me" with crazy eyes that would give Carole Baskin a run for her money. Robbo says that the cradle can stay at their place for the nights when he has the baby. And How YOU Can Get Free Signed Copies!! She tells him that she understands if it’s a deal breaker, and walks away, leaving Robbo stunned…, Home and Away spoilers: Jasmine drops a baby bombshell on Robbo. Home and Away spoilers: Jasmine discovers tragic news about her baby. Share this article via facebook Share … Could she be pregnant? Since then, all that a grief-stricken Jasmine can do is simply take life one day at a time. Then Jasmine pulls a sickie and her efforts in laying the groundwork for her plan comes to fruition. What a coincidence that Mac is there are the same time. Home and Away spoilers: Jasmine drops a baby bombshell on Robbo June 30, 2019 mediabest Home and Garden Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Robbo (Jake Ryan) have recently reunited following Robbo’s return to the Bay, and the pair are eagerly planning their wedding now that the engagement is back on. “On the one hand, if it is true, it means Jasmine will be keeping a part of Robbo alive through this baby, and maybe she will get to live their dream of having a child. It’s a will she or won’t she scenario as it appears that Jasmine is hatching an elaborate plan to steal baby Gracie. Jasmine starts talking about baby Grace on an online forum, pretending she is her mother, worrying Tori about her frame of mind. 'Avengers: Endgame': If Tony Stark Had Lived, Would Captain America Have Gone Back In Time? The rest of the family is already there so one more surely won’t matter. With Tori’s (Penny McNamee) pregnancy also progressing, there is a lot to prepare, and Jasmine returns home one day to find that Robbo is building a cradle for the baby. The road to recovery has been filled with heartbreak for Jasmine. Indeed, as her portrayer Sam reveals, Jasmine now “can’t contain … The road to recovery has been filled with heartbreak for Jasmine. Yet for grieving widow Jasmine (Sam Frost), the discovery she’s carrying her late husband’s baby came as a bittersweet surprise. She's thrilled that Robbo's (Jake Ryan) memory will live on in his two children. But while Jasmine was initially shocked by the discovery, she has come to embrace the prospect of parenthood. He return months later and he, Jasmine and Tori agrees to raise the baby together. Since losing her fiancé Robbo, she has struggled to move forward – so much so, she barely leaves the house.

Later, Jasmine is excited to receive the wedding invites, but after realising that she doesn’t know Robbo’s parents, Robbo admits that his friend Lance may not be able to make it due to his job in the Feds. Imogen Groome Friday 5 Jun 2020 5:10 pm. Home and Aways ' Jasmine Delaney is set to receive some shocking news regarding her pregnancy. Movies and Museums Are Coming Back. We have all seen it coming and Jasmine’s unhealthy obsession with baby Gracie reaches its peak tonight. “At first, she thinks that maybe it’s because she has now gone back to work and she is doing too much.”.