How to play: As soon as a player lands their shot, they pass the cup clockwise to the next player in the circle.

No matter where you go, chances are good that there there might be a game of Quarters going on in one of the local watering holes. This continues until the on fire person misses a shot. Set out a word or a couple of words, and drink when you hear them. For this version, there is only one goal cup and one quarter in play at a time. 2+ players ; 1 quarter; 1 beer per person; Table (pulled away from any walls) Setting Up. Get our free guide to the 50 Best Bar Games. Because of this, it is possible to sometimes have two or more players drinking after consecutive goals in a single round. In order to successfully enact Instant Revenge your beer must be empty (anyone can challenge the emptiness by shaking the can or bottle) and must land on top of the spinning quarter. Players take turns, passing to their left once they successfully land a shot. If a player misses entirely, they must drink. by Nick Yates Categories Drinking Games Post navigation. If the game is played with four players, everyone takes a corner.
Quarters is a fun social drinking game that has skill elements, related to one's ability to bounce a quarter off of a hard surface into a glass. It might not be Christmas, but you can still get absolutely mashed and start an argument over a game of charades. This is similar to Heads Up virtually, but you just need a pen and paper (and quite a lot of patience). Drinking games - Hockey. If they make it on their second shot, they pass the top cup to their left, and the bottom cup to the player across from them. The object of the game is to flick the coin and try to score by hitting your opponent’s beer can. 1. My bad =(. One person spins a quarter in the middle of the drinks. Some variations of the game say that if the defending player makes their penalty shot after being screwed, the person who screwed them is now in the hot seat. In quarters, players must bounce a quarter off the table and into a cup. If the drinker finishes his/her beer whilst the quarter is spinning then can enact “instant revenge” by slamming their empty beer can on the quarter. Looking for a fun drinking game, yet that does not require many resources? Bar Games 101 is a website devoted to helping you learn about the best games to play with your friends. The goal cups can be anything you have handy, but bear in mind that as the goals get smaller, the shots get harder. You must be of legal age and in no violation of local or federal laws while viewing this material. The chosen person then attempts to flick the quarter and hit an opponents beer. Supplies Needed: Beer, Friends, a Quarter, Iron Resolve The forfeit for breaking any of the rules throughout the night is – you guessed it – taking a drink. In lieu of the pub (or any other social space), we’re all doing what we can to stay social, whether that’s virtual quizzes or cuppas over Zoom.

Supplies Needed: Cups, Quarters, Drinks, Good Aim. If the Shooter’s shot misses, or is rebounded by the fingers of the Goalie, it is still in play, as long as it remains on the table and spinning. Common rules that the shooter will create are that no one can say the word Drink, Drank, Drunk or point with their finger. Here are the rules for a standard game of quarters: The goal of quarters is to avoid ever having both cups at the same time. Once the penalty drink has been refilled, a new round begins. Rules should be creative and funny, rather than demeaning or embarrassing. If the shooter lands the quarter in to the community cup, every player must reach into the center and drink their shot.
The worse you are at quarters, the more drinking you'll likely be doing. Home » Drinking Games » How to Play Quarters: Rules for this Classic Drinking Game. The cards are all dealt out. Make sure everyone is about equal distantance to one another. If the shooter fails on their second shot, they must drink the beverage. Your submission was successful - we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Players gather around a table with a glass in the center of the table. Players fill their individual cups with a shot of their drink, and pour a small amount of their drink into the community cup (various drinks can be used to play, so the community cup may house a mixture of different drinks). It does not require more than a glass and a quarter. If you can’t make the shot, you must drink the contents of the penalty drink. Partners sit across the table from each other. Play then passes to the person on the shooter's left. It’s a classic for a reason! Pick the best team and get ready to smack talk your opponents in this easy addition to any game night. Now the best sitting Beer Game is beer Hockey.

Eventually, when repeated enough, one glass will catch up to the other in rotation. The game mimics the sport by using a quarter as a puck and a beer for a goal.

Partners sit across thetable from each other. Have your players spread out evenly around the play area. Or stay in & have drunk food delivered by Postmates(Get $100 free delivery fee credit using our link!) Each participant takes a turn spinning the quarter. First, the players divide into teams of 2. In fact, even if it hits a beer for a goal, as long as the quarter is still spinning it remains in play.