The limits of a hockey field are the side lines and the back lines which form a rectangular shape of 91.40 metes (100 yards) long from backline to backline, by 55 meters wide (60 yards aprox.). The new hockey pitch has given our boys the opportunity to play on a world-class surface of the quality used by international athletes. How big is a hockey pitch? We specialise in Astro Turf, Sand Based and Basalt Dust pitches and Tennis Court Construction. The centre line is located at a distance of 50 yards from the backlines. An ice hockey rink is an ice rink that is specifically designed for ice hockey, a competitive team sport.Alternatively it is used for other sports such as broomball, ringette and rink bandy.It is a rectangle with rounded corners and surrounded by walls approximately 1.22 metres (48 in) high called the boards

The pitch is 44m long bounded by sideboards and 22m wide bounded by backlines. The circle has a distance of 14.63 metres with a flat top that expands for 3.66 metres which is the same width that the goal bars should be from post to post. HOCKEY PITCH 55.00m 9.98m 4.98m 3.66m 3.66m 91.40m 22.90m 22.9 0 m 14.63 m 5. 0000001294 00000 n 58 0 obj <> endobj Finally the water based turfs remain soft and absorb impact and shock in a better way. About Pitch Dimensions. %PDF-1.4 %���� There are 3 lines that cut the field from side to side.
x�b```b``qc`a``c`�g@ ~f�(ǃ�5W�"� �Ӏ� �b� ��&0���m�m3�l��2S�?0,�%t&�N ff`���̿� �� The goals present 2 sideboards and one backboard with a height of 0.46 metres and a depth (for the sideboards) of 1.2 meters. We provide on-site inspections and valuable advice on keeping your pitch looking and performing to the highest standard all year round. 00m 150mm Dia.


Compared to the sand, the “grass hair” move with more freedom, enabling hockey players to get the stick below the ball with ease.

0 In this article we provide the answer to this question and we hope to be able to provide this essential information to new clubs that are in line of building new pitches. Every single line around the hockey pitch has a width of 75 millimetres and the goals should be placed on the outside portion of the back line and not on top of it. 0000002187 00000 n Water based pitches have a very high density of grass therefore water makes the ball roll faster while controlling the way it bounces off the ground. By Hockey Heroes TV, Improve your field hockey aerial passing technique with these tips, Learn how to do the One-Handed Block Tackle, Technical Video Analysis: The Open Forehand Reception, Home Workout with the Dutch Star Jeroen Hertzberger, Simple and Efficient Field Hockey Shooting Drill. The minimum size of a pitch is 36 metres long and 18 metres wide. Generally these type of pitches are placed with a anti-shock layer which reduces the stress on bones, muscles and joints. 0000000696 00000 n The minimum run‑­off area recommended is 3m outside the backlines and one metre outside the side lines. Contact: startxref 0000013655 00000 n 0000009015 00000 n 0000011647 00000 n 0000015823 00000 n Based in Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Pitch Dimensions Ltd are specialists in Pitch and Tennis Court Construction and Maintenance. The company was formed in 2000 by owner William Coyle, who has 15 years experience in agriculture, drainage, private developments and plant hire. 22. x�bbbf`b``� �. * Use of a full-size pitch is strongly recommended but a smaller size pitch may be specified in national or local regulations. If you have any other doubts, please contact us at and we will try to help you! Rob Jepson.

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