As an underdog, Greg Haugen won world titles in two weight classes in the late 1980s and early 90s. He had great defense. Whitaker: Whitaker was the fastest by far. He was such a good technician. I had my head shaved every Saturday, and the guy who cut my hair, Tim Montgomery, was starting a boxing club. Over the next four or five rounds, I just continued to tag him and he wouldn’t go down.

And he wouldn’t dream of backing away from a challenge during a professional career that spanned 17 years. Your destination for the best boxing news, videos and live streams! A lot have parents, one parent, that needs to work, and the kids are left alone. After regaining his title, Haugen made successful defenses against Miguel Santana and Gert Bo Jacobson. You can order the current issue, which is on newsstands, or back issues from our subscribe page. We had a rematch clause that he would go to my town for a rematch and he wouldn’t honor it. [7] After several more rounds of punishment, Chavez dropped him again in the 5th round, and after delivering another barrage of punches, the referee intervened and waved it off. Ever any thoughts of a comeback? In 1991 he upset Hector “Macho” Camacho for the WBO Light Welterweight title, only to lose it later that year to Camacho in a rematch. Greg Haugen: I worked for awhile for an Indian tribe, working for their boxing program. SMARTEST He trained under Jim Montgomery. His next opponent, however, was Pernell Whitaker, who proved to be too much for the fighter known as “Mutt”. You won the title back in a rematch, why were things different? Whitaker was in his prime; he was a little quicker. I’d have to say Julio’s was the best cause it was hard. My dad was a Marine, and I was pretty small, got picked on a lot. A rematch took place three months later and this time it was Camacho who was awarded a split decision. What has Greg Haugen been doing in retirement from the ring? I remember he tagged me in the first round and it was the first time I blacked out. STRONGEST He was a real hard puncher. Ray was slow and he telegraphed everything.”. After 13 months off, Haugen moved up to junior welterweight. He was the quickest fighter I fought.

I also am training a good fighter named Jante Willis; they call him “Rock Steady”. FASTEST FEET About one in every eight people I talk to are affected. Greg Haugen: I was real confident in every fight, up to my later fights, when my skill began to go. Leading up to the bout, Haugen made the comment that many of Chavez’s wins "came against Tijuana taxi drivers that my mom could whip. I was the one who refused in the final round. Afterwards, Haugen famously said, “They must have been very tough taxi drivers.”. Photo by THE RING Archive. Whitaker: If he got hurt, he’d tie you up and if he wasn’t hurt, he’d move and a moving target is a lot harder to hit than a stationary target. It was kind of my protest fight, a boycott against management. FASTEST HANDS I still consider Whitaker the best skilled I fought though, Chavez number two. (Camacho) jumped in and tried to hit me. He got mad about me not wanting to touch his gloves and tried to sucker-punch me. He had fast hands and fast feet. I was conscious enough to know I got hit with a right hand and I had to bang into him and grab him because he was going to throw the left hook. Greg Haugen: Were up and going now, the website is up and going to, it’s I just didn’t throw many punches and lost. He has four children and two grandchildren and is thankfully free from the cocaine habit that once threatened to destroy his life and career. After outpointing Edwin Curet for the vacant NABF belt, Haugen, in what he views as his proudest moment, upset Jimmy Paul by 15-round majority decision to capture the IBF lightweight title.