Since they don't always work as expected, we've only included them in the list below if they had no other URL scheme name. Install Shortcut = shortcuts://shortcuts/ShortcutID, Install Shortcut = workflow://shortcuts/ShortcutID, Voicemail: vmshow://Phone: mobilephone://Phone (Recents): mobilephone-recents://Phone (Favorites): mobilephone-favorites://Messages (another option): sms-private://TheirPhoneNumberMessages (opens chat with latest contact): itms-messages://Clock (World Clock): clock-worldclock://Clock (Alarm): clock-alarm://Clock (Bedtime): clock-sleep-alarm://Clock (Stopwatch): clock-stopwatch://Clock (Timer): clock-timer://Settings (TV Provider): prefs-tvprovider://App Store (Account Settings): itms-ui://Health: x-apple-health://Health (another option): x-argonaut-app://Files: shareddocuments://Files (Connect to Server): smb://Contacts: contact://Calculator: calc://Apple TV: videos://Home: x-hm://Reminders (another option): x-apple-reminderkit://Stocks: stocks://Tips: x-tips-widget://, 6pm: sixpm://Microsoft Authenticator: msauth://8mm: nx8mm://WiFi Map (free): freewifimap://Facebook Messenger (share page): fb-messenger-share://AirDroid: sandstudio-airdroid://TuneIn Radio (free): tunein://Weather Underground: wxunderground://NordVPN: nordvpn://ZOOM Cloud Meetings: zoomus://Steam Chat: steamchatmobile://Tripadvisor: tripadvisor://PlayStation App: scepsapp://Canva (Graphic Design & Video): canvaeditor://PicsArt: picsart://Airbnb: airbnb://Uber: uber://Launcher: launcher://TeamViewer (Remote Control): tvcontrol1://Reddit: reddit://SoundHound: soundhound://, Hello - how can you specifically go to settings->location services-> safari websites ? "It may use a convincing URL, which has been created by Google’s URL shortener to appear to be an official Google domain name. If the Google Maps app is not installed, the URL launches If you enter your information, you are giving scammers your username and password. Shortcuts://run-shortcut?Name=Name&Input=Input, Always-Updated List of iOS App URL Scheme Names, download IPA files is to use Apple Configurator 2, How to Download IPA Files for the iOS Apps on Your iPhone, How to Customize iOS App Icons Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone, Mercury Web Browser Pro - with powerful Ad Block extension, Photon Flash Player for iPhone - Flash Video & Games plus Private Web Browser,, What's New in iOS 14? destination_place_id, you must also include a destination in the Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share. The following example launches a map with bicycling directions In a categorical search, you pass a general search term, and Google Maps Buddhify: com.21awake.buddhify2://Insight Timer: insight://Carb Manager: carbmanager://Kasa: kasa://Lose It! Did Apollo have braking rockets for soft landing on Earth? To add the custom scheme: Open your project configuration: double-click the project name in the left tree view.
Don't Miss: Shortcuts Tips & Tricks for Your iPhone. For comparison, configuration data, for future reference. See the following documentation: To launch Google Maps and optionally perform one of the supported functions, How to make links in a TextView clickable? waypoint_place_ids for a specific establishment in each waypoint:,France&destination=Cherbourg,France&travelmode=driving&waypoints=Versailles,France%7CChartres,France%7CLe+Mans,France%7CCaen,France&waypoint_place_ids=ChIJdUyx15R95kcRj85ZX8H8OAU%7CChIJKzGHdEgM5EcR_OBTT3nQoEA%7CChIJG2LvQNCI4kcRKXNoAsPi1Mc%7CChIJ06tnGbxCCkgRsfNjEQMwUsc. For each action, the list of parameters and their possible In a location search, you search for a specific location using a place name, address, or Google Street View provides panoramic views from designated locations If api=1 is NOT present in the URL, The reversed client ID is your client ID with the order of the dot-delimited In your Google Account, you can see and manage your info, activity, security options, and privacy preferences to make Google work better for you. Incidentally, I also tried to read the Google docs about "Intent", "DeepLink" because I'd like to open the link with the pre-installed app 'Photos' and let the users watch the album directly from the official Photos app. (&) character. In one of these articles there's a Google Photo's album link but when I click it shows the error in the image. You must encode the comma as %2C. Video at YouTube mobile website in WebView doesn't work - Android, Handle textview and webview links in android app, Android open intent:// protocol in WebView. Example 1: Searching for the place name "CenturyLink Field" results in the following map: That makes things so much easier. Field (a sports stadium in Seattle, WA), using different location values.

(for example, pizza+seattle+wa). Keep Your Connection Secure Without a Monthly Bill. You can Google Maps and Was Bill Gates' mugshot photo used in 2010 as a template for Outlook contacts? in the final URL. add the custom scheme: Open your project configuration: double-click the project name in the left Chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play fun games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay, and much more.