In the 1990's, an undistinguished man sets out on a killing spree across the United States attacking multiple women, but no one knows the crimes are connected.
This is the disappearance of Jamie Fraley.PATREON BONUS EPISODES: SOURCES:ée_goes_missing_then_my_dad_climbs/ In 1960, three Chicago women set off on a week-day getaway to a nearby lodge.,,,,,

Get 20% off your first Hunt A Killer subscription box by using code GOINGWEST at checkout! Estimated number of downloads on average each episode receives within the first 30 days of airing. So, was his disappearance a tragic accident, or did someone want him gone? In 2009, a 10-year-old girl disappears while walking home from her friends house in McCleary, Washington. But in 2002, when his daughters best friends disappeared under suspicious circumstances, a man hunt ensued. So who killed her, and why? This is the story of the Covina Christmas Massacre. (Impressions and formats can be custom-tailored to your needs and budget!). New episodes released every Tuesday evening PST! In 1987, a small New England town is terrorized by a young man who has a penchant for messing with people’s heads. When Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are murdered in Brentwood and OJ Simpson is tried for their murders, the public is unaware of another potential suspect or partner in crime. In the fall of 1978 in Scottsdale, Arizona, a kind-hearted and beloved high school freshman disappears under strange circumstances. 2 days later, she went missing. Listen to a podcast, please open Podcast Republic app. I love creating and sharing ideas. After getting his car stuck in a ditch, he called his parents for help. When his remains were quickly discovered, police could not believe who the main suspect became- and neither could their small community. This is the case of the Lake Waco Murders. This is the case of Sherri Papini. Popular Now In. After a fun evening at the show and a beautiful dinner alongside 100 other couples at a waterfront resort, their night ended in an eerily similar fashion as the dinner show's plot. This is a man who had just landed a big deal for his latest invention, and a man who had supposedly found the cure to cancer. After a few months passed, an anonymous man left a message for a confession hotline stated that he was the one behind the crime. This podcast provides more historic crimes and if you are okay with no conclusion, this podcast is for you. Between burglary, stalking, and even murder, he leaves no stone unturned. Weekly on Mon, True crime, criminology, horror movies, serial killers, food, United States, California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, New York, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Published: {{ episode.published_date.format('ddd, MM-DD-YY') }}. The country pop quartet, who are all from west of Tennessee, consists of industry vets — Colbie Caillat, her fiancé, Justin Young; her longtime collaborator, Jason Reeves and his wife, Nelly Joy.
This is the murder of Jessica Dishon.