The ball bounces once, is hit by that player, it bounces again in that person's square, then is hit again. Style Points: In some variations, style points are awarded to players who exhibit excellent or rare form during play, and/or artistically hit the ball (such as under one's legs); depending on the rules at that school or location, style points can be used to exempt a player from one out, or award other bonuses as players agree upon them. No carrying or holding the ball. If the opponent dodges the ball, the sharker is usually out (because the ball did not bounce in one's or one's own square). The ball is typically a red rubber ball much like the ones used for kickball.

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Sharking (Skunk, Sting, etc. ): A common rule in which players cannot get out on the serve. Dodge Ball: If a player is able to catch the ball before it bounces in any square or out of bounds, the game play shifts to Dodge Ball, wherein all players must abide by the standard rules for the game Dodge Ball. The game continues without the player and the player resumes one's / one's participation with the call "medicine". Double Taps: This means any player may hit the ball two times in the air after it has bounced once in one's square. Stay on your toes and stay loose. ): A way to get around holding the ball, one bounces it lightly between their hands before hitting it to another square. When a player is called out, the remaining players continue against each other. Because foursquare is such a social game, the traditional etiquette is to announce when a serve is coming. Sleepover: all players sit down with their legs apart touching feet with the person on either side of them. If the target player catches the ball or the ball misses all players the player who threw the ball is out. King is now out). If it is called, the calling player can hit it to an adjacent square, and that person must hit it to the remaining adjacent square until it reaches the player who called it, at which point the game returns to normal.

Four Square is one of those games that most people remember from childhood and the playground. There are many variations of Four Square out there because the basic game is so vanilla. Bus Stop: A rule where two hits are allowed. Box Ball is commonly believed to be the predecessor to Four Square. About a ball hitting a player before hitting the ground? It usually forces the game to be played low and fast and creates a different dynamic. Defensive moves against slams, such as using one's body to stop the ball from flying out of bounds, are often given names themselves, such as "Tiananmen Square".

Appear as if you’re aiming at one square, but direct the ball to the highest-ranking square. Each player must hit the ball to their right until all four players have touched... Baby Bomb — 4 Square …

Sometime cherry can be abbreviated to just "chez" to make it easier to say.