How is the recruiting process different for each? Are internships always in Washington, D.C.? We currently have about 36,000 employees. “One of the big things we kept running into over and over again,” Peter says, “was ‘we don't want to handhold these people, because that shows they don't have enough grit.’”. Despite this, the team experienced more pushback from the executive team. It's kind of what we do. The investigation includes a security interview; polygraph examination; drug test; fingerprint, credit, and records checks; and extensive interviews with former and current colleagues, neighbors, friends, professors, etc. Peter says there were disagreements, but they were necessary. The statistics suggest that every year the FBI approves approximately 720 special agents for training at the FBI Training Academy. The data existed, but no one had been paying much attention to it. A week later, if they still haven’t finished, they’ll receive another email.

We take advantage of every opportunity to interact with the communities we serve. Contacting candidates who had previously dropped out of the application process came with an unexpected benefit. The FBI was founded over 100 years ago and some of its views on recruitment did not reflect the current needs and challenges of the hiring market. Call in every chit you have — everybody that owes you a favor, get them to come in.”.

Here's the director talking. How do you ensure diversity in your recruiting process?

The hiring process may take over a year and includes a variety of assessments and interviews. The Phase II Structured interview will last 60 minutes. People come to work for the FBI because they are driven by a desire to do more than just apply their skills and experience to work.

“We said, ‘What is the absolute minimum information we need to gather to get you to phase one?’”. We are actively recruiting candidates who have cyber-related skills and experience. “The opportunities for them are limited, and they don't have time to wait for you.”. We have the expectation that our younger applicants will be more familiar with technology and have an interest in understanding that technology. The career path requires a college degree and a few years of professional work experience, meaning students and recent grads couldn’t even apply. The answer was concerning. Criminal and social background checks are conducted, Then you are interviewed and your assertions are but to the test. is an official site of the U.S. government, U.S. Department of Justice, he background investigation begins when you accept a conditional offer of employment and complete the SF-86 and appropriate release forms.

There are 14,000 employees at the FBI with countless more candidates.

This is important because some teams will face a steeper climb than others, so you can’t expect them to go from zero to a hundred overnight. Then in 2019, recruiters were told that their progress toward their diversity targets would be factored into their division’s performance plan.

The FBI hiring process is extremely competitive by design, and you can expect it to be especially rigorous when it comes to getting hired as a special agent for the agency. Once you know exactly what you’re facing, you can devise a more strategic plan to fix the underlying issues and make your process stronger. We are also interested in knowing about your foreign contacts — family, contacts you made when you studied abroad. Process Overview:

What's the most important advice you have for someone thinking of a career in the FBI?

But if you make a mistake that ends up on YouTube or Facebook once, it's out there forever. Going through our jobs site is critical. Peter notes that recruiters don’t get in trouble if they don’t meet their goals, but they at least needed to make a substantial improvement. “You can't just show up at a university where you're invited and put up a table.”.