Environmental engineers use engineering principles and their knowledge of biology, soil science, and chemistry to solve environmental problems.

What you’d need: An associate degree is typically all that’s required, but some employers may require a bachelor’s degree. Let us know what your dream job is in the comment section below. Whether you want to save the spotted owl, champion renewable energy, or conserve Earth’s natural resources, green jobs are red hot right now—and these environmental jobs are sure to put some green in your wallet, too. Whether it’s advocating for clean technology, water and climate change laws, or management of land, these lawyers always have Mother Earth’s best interests at heart. These professionals ensure that laws aren’t violated and at the same time minimize, if not eliminate, any kind of negative impact their constructions might have on the environment. What Careers Are There in the Social Sciences? Environmental engineers are nature lovers who also possess a passion for numbers and scientific matters. What you’d do: The police force for the environment, these technicians monitor the environment and investigate sources of pollution and contamination, and work to prevent violations. Below are a few other careers – there are many options! So, if you’ve always dreaded Armageddon and pray that Bruce Willis never has to sacrifice his life to save the planet, then this is the job for you. They develop plans and programs after meeting with government officials, the public, and developers. What you’d make: $60,610 per year Find wind turbine technician jobs on Monster. Your degree can be in physics, biology, engineering, chemistry, computer science, or mathematics as long as you take classes in geology. Park rangers are usually stationed within the wilderness (which means you’ll have a really cool office) and are trained like any other law enforcer (which means you can shoot guns and give first-aid, too). For others, you will need only a high school diploma. Projected Job Growth (2016-2026): 8 percent (as fast as the average for all occupations), Projected Increase in Jobs (2016-2026): 200. Have you always wanted a career that helps the environment? Comparing Environmental Careers; Required Degree: License: Median Salary (2017) Agricultural Engineer : Bachelor's: Required to work with the public: $74,780: Conservation Scientist : Bachelor's: none: $61,480: Environmental Engineer : Bachelor's: Required to work with the public: $86,800: Environmental Scientist : Master's: none: $69,400: Environmental Technician : Associate: none: $45,490 At the very top of the ladder are chief sustainability directors, also known as environment chiefs. Find landscape architect jobs on Monster. They manage the water supply and solve problems with its quality. For jobs that involve working directly with the public, you will also have to become licensed as a Professional Engineer. These scientists are responsible for protecting Mother Nature, ensuring that the next generation will still be able to enjoy its natural beauty. You will need a master's degree to work in this occupation. What you’d do: Energy auditors work to preserve energy and reduce its usage by inspecting buildings to find and fix leaks to help people use fewer resources.

What you’d make: $70,020 per year Now, all you have to do is figure out which one of these is the right career for you, and then fulfill the educational requirements to reach your goal. Calling all tree huggers, animal lovers, recycling mavens, compost queens, carpool organizers, water conservers, and light switch-flipper-offers (or whatever you want to call your Earth-saving selves)—we have environmental careers for you. Landscape architects design outdoor areas, for example, residences, parks, shopping centers, school campuses, golf courses, and parkways. By continuing, you agree to Monster's privacy policy, terms of use and use of cookies.

If you have a knack for drawing and designing but would like to use your artistic skills for more sustainable pursuits, becoming an environmental planner could be your ideal dream job. The environmental executives are in charge of creating sustainable initiatives, as well as, making sure that the company is well within environmental regulations.

These occupations pay well, and some require only an associate degree.