I am soooo Sorry Lauren!! For literally years I’ve been meaning to make a new DIY food photography backdrop but I had been putting it off because of moving to the UK for a year. With a little creative thinking, you can create a DIY backdrop that shines no matter what the occasion. DIY photo backdrops. Chippy Wood Plank Photo Backdrop by A Beautiful Mess, 14. I’ve always loved that I can recognize a BrePurposed blog photo right away thanks to her signature look.

Reversible Distressed Wood Backdrop by Love & Olive Oil, 11. Wood Tile Photo Backdrop by Camera Stupid, 22. I bought the foam boards and that has helped a little bit, but I think I need to try to shoot outside for better light.

The wood slice craze is still alive and well in my book, and while some might argue this is more of a photo “prop” than a backdrop, it’s worth a mention. The last one is the actual comment, the others weren’t complete! Black Reflective Photo Backdrop by Ashlee Marie, 31. Let’s continue to grow this list of ideas in the comments section below! Faux Distressed Wood Backdrop (Extra Large) by BrePurposed, 10. Got a fun tablecloth? Won’t you grab a cup of chai, a comfy blanket, and stay a while?

Gold sequin DIY photo backdrops are both classy and dramatic. Want More Photography Clients?Click Here to Take One of Our FREE Classes! Ahhh! Sticky notes can be one of the most versatile objects. Same goes for The Thinking Closet. You all had such a fantastic reception to my recent Coastal Wood Plank Photo Backdrop tutorial that I thought I’d gather some other great ideas out there in blogland for creating your own photo backdrops, so you can see how simple and do-able it is to achieve a professional look on a budget.

Red, white, and blue balloons on a white wall are patriotic, while red balloons on a white wall are perfect for Valentine’s backdrops.

Painted Beadboard Backdrop by Polka Dot Cottage, 19. Or take advantage of the patterns and textures of plates by hanging plate hangers on the wall. 9. Sparkle is a fun photoshoot background to work within DIY backdrop ideas, allowing you to make a magical DIY photo world for your occasion. There’s a myth about blog photos – – those bright, crisp images on non-distracting backgrounds (you know the ones). Backdrop Stand with Baseboard by Easy Peasy Pie, 46. Please try again.

Yours is so lovely though, I definitely think white adds a really nice, soft touch to photos.


Though yes, scrapbook paper can help give you some diversity when you need a change (and without paying too much of a price). Thanks for linking to http://www.camerastupid.com!

I’ve just been using the white surface of my desk for photos, but scrapbook paper sounds like something I’d like to try!
Simple paper chains hung from the ceiling or laying on the floor are a fun option. Make paint stroke words on your fabric backdrop. Wow- and I thought I was inventive in a pinch.

Under no circumstances, should the text of this blog or multiple photos be copied and re-posted elsewhere unless you have permission from me to do so. I don’t know what happened! Build a record wall using either records themselves or the colorful record sleeves. Here are a few ideas. 3 Sizes in 1 PVC Stand by River Road Rustics, 48.
Engineering Print Photo Backdrops by My Craftily Ever After, 24. oh my gosh!! They’re great for a clean and simple photo backdrop as well as for bouncing light or blocking direct light. I’d wanted to combine the idea of travel and photography in my logo so I drew a frame around a compass.

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