During the party, Jørgen Varnæs reveals that he has suspended his licence to practice law to become an administrator for a large textile manufacturer, something he implies is a cushy job. Written by: Karen Smith. Wife of Mads Andersen-Skjern and daughter of Oluf and Katrine Larsen. At the same time that she is gaining power and seeking to control the sprawling and contentious government, her connections with her family become more and more tenuous, making her a woman pulled in all directions trying to hold it all together for not only a household, but for an entire nation. Runtime: 56 minutes.

As a part-time resident, and full-time Scandiphile, Stewart is well placed to explore the towns, cities and cultural delights of Denmark and Sweden. This is a type of “exotic” world that hits you like a bludgeon. An average of 842,000 Danish viewers watched each episode in its first season. And if you liked this story, sign up for the weekly bbc.com features newsletter, called “If You Only Read 6 Things This Week”. She smokes, something that was highly criticized in Denmark as being unsuitable for the children who watched. Creator Price says the show is about “modern masculinity and the weight of expectations,” as well as being about religion and the politics of the church. The BBC has acquired DNA, a new Danish crime thriller created by the co-creator of The Killing, Torleif Hoppe and starring Charlotte Rampling. This small issue escalates quickly, as conflicts often do around Rita. The other likely candidate to have begun most non-Scandinavian viewers’ journey into Danish TV series is The Killing. Thanks for the link. Discovering the nature of their relationship, Mads exiles Daniel and severs all ties.
Runtime: 60 minutes. Rita premiered 2012 on Danish TV and has run for three seasons so far. Mads decides to reward Ellen a horse for being a good student, simultaneously punishing the poor student Daniel, who had originally wished for a horse. She is adopted by Mads Skjern. She's always loved a good movie or TV show and wants to use her free time to talk about them with you now.
Runtime: 59 minutes. Dig around. Thanks! Rolf Larsen, a respected detective on the Copenhagen police force, has his life brutally upended when his baby daughter goes missing. Such is the popularity of The Killing that it spawned not only the U.S. remake, it also could be said to have helped launch an entirely new genre, commonly called “Nordic noir,” Danish detective shows featuring even more grim-faced cops hunting down brutal murderers in normally staid and orderly Denmark.

Mads and Ingeborg's youngest child. I’d love to see another season, too. Misse and Andersen are married. My absolute favorite character and the true hero of the entire series is Hjordis. : "The Clothing House" but also "Arsenal"), in direct competition with Arnesen's.

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Is there any possibility of this continuing into Season 4? Kristen, miserable in his marriage, sees an opportunity to patch things up with Elisabeth.