So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Creepy Photos With Disturbing Backstories! Especially if you know the backstories to them. … by Tony Hayes Feb 23, 2015, 9:03 pm 1.9k Views Comments Off on 10 Creepy Photos and their Disturbing Backstories.

546. This is the last photo of her.

Some call this picture “the world’s most beautiful suicide.” 09 – Omagh Bombing . Evelyn McHale’s body after leaping from the Empire State Building and landing on a United Nations limousine. This disturbing photo shows that these two person selling the human meat. Let’s check out the most horrifying pictures ever taken.

Chilling Photos With The Most Disturbing Backstories . So let’s take a look at these chilling 10 creepy photos with creepiest backstories that will scare you.

Aftermath of the 1997 Heaven’s Gate suicide in San Diego, California.

This man is unable to get off the subway tracks in New York City with a train bearing down. Scroll at your own risk. 10 – Evelyn McHale . 13 of the Creepiest Photos Ever Taken. Check more of them out on this Reddit thread. This terrifying picture is of 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters was the last known victim of serial killer Robert Rhoades.

Check out 10 Most Terrifying Photos With Creepiest Backstories. Conversely, everyone in the images below were in … Evelyn McHale. So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Creepy Photos With Disturbing Backstories!

While we can’t say for sure that none of these photos have been altered, we can promise that we’ve done some digging to learn as much about them as possible. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. 8.

In Chicago in 1948, Lucille Chalifoux and her husband sold off their four children as farm laborers. 1. We will show you some of the real life scary pictures that will give you nightmare for days, even their backstories are more terrifying you have ever heard. Heaven’s Gate Suicie. 1-When human meat went on sale .

by Ayoub . Some photos are worth a thousand words—others, a thousand screams. The New … 8.

These scary pictures and creepy historical photos are examples of the latter.

Michael And Sean McQuilken. Michael And Sean McQuilken. Real, rare historical photos. SHARES. We spend most of our times consuming pieces of entertainment that revolve around fake creepy stories since it's pretty much the safest and closest way to live those stories without being involved in them and risking your life. Shutterstock / LukaTDB Note: if you are faint of heart, or have difficulty going to sleep after watching gore, don’t read this.

In the age of Photoshop, it’s pretty easy for anyone, with a little bit of practice, to manipulate photos to make your normal, everyday pictures into something creepy.

Whether by intent or happenstance, the photographers below just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Journalism plays a very important part in how we see the world. Thirty …

From children doing emergency drills for bombing raids to the staking of an alleged vampire's heart, join us as we take a look at these 10 real photos with creepy backstories. Omagh Bombing. Human can go to anything about their survival. Michael McQuilken was 19 years old and his brother Sean 16 when they had this picture taken to show the strange things happening to them while hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1975.