If Minnesota were to lose to MTSU this weekend, Minnesota's territory would most likely remain within Conference USA until bowl season. So is 1 loss, come to think of it. When this discussion comes up, I always default back to my IE/OR roots and ask, "Given the data, how do you devise a strategy for generating a win". The original was just trying to examine a relationship between ToP differential and score differential since the ongoing argument was whether ToP or points per play was a more valuable statistic. beat the spread by 0-7 points: +1 That blew my mind! Sloppy work. While LeBron got to the line more than ever, it was his non-calls while guarding Jamal Murray that stood out.
This map is best experienced on a desktop or laptop. re: College Football Imperialism Map: Week 1 Posted by nolatiger711 on 9/3/19 at 9:21 am to GumboPot You gain the fan territory that you defeat. I don't think K-State should have anything either? I find it interesting that the map from 2 years ago still isn't consolidated into 1 team. Why include a graphic with a regression line and an R squared on a continuum if you wanted to say that the percentage is the same? TOP can be factor in winning a game.

This is why I see both of the graphs above and still do not believe in points per play. As pointed out above, 0 wouldn't even correlate that well. I would say Iowa is most likely to steal their land away the weak before we play them and we don't play Iowa.

Casual. Virginia Tech releases unofficial depth chart for NC State, OT: 2020-21 EPL and Other Domestic Leagues, Virginia Tech vs. NC State Game Time, TV Info, and Open Thread, Wyatt Teller is playing at an all pro level for the Browns. They are no longer responsible for the crackhead alley area of North Carolina. Miami and Wisconsin have kind of a Hapsburg vs. Ottoman Empires thing going. — Corey Moore.
Interesting. Here is the week to week gif Here is the explanation per the reddit OP - What if College Football games were actually battles for land? Is closest to the Husky campus. In reply to Second. In reply to Why Does Washington get Alaska? Discussion in 'College Football Forum' started by 7Samurai13, Sep 3, 2019. To those of you that are new around here, this is a brief explanation of how the map works. It looks like that week 4 matchup of Minnesota vs. Maryland will have some serious nationwide stakes in the imperialistic scenario. Join the community. So the initial graph was side by side with this one: Then I was lazy so I didn't rework it, just photoshop-ed some colors on it. 2019 College Football Imperialism Map. It does get a bit confusing to track, especially as we layer on weeks of the season.