Please follow the link from the email to continue. You can paste URL of the image inside Introductions by Natasha & Clover, RJ, Courtney & Katie. Episode Ep. Colditz Series 2 Episodes Episode guide. Wounded by a Russian bayonet, air ace and decorated hero Major Mohn arrives at Colditz as the new second-in-command. 0.0 Arrival of a Hero. The British contingent is upset at the arrival of a black sheep in their midst: Pilot Officer Lawrence Page, an antisocial Royal Air Force prisoner who does not seem to be able to get along with anyone, and behaves oddly at his first appel. 7 Jan. 1974 Arrival of a Hero. The episode opens with a meeting of Player pressing an argument for approval of an escape plan. 03. Be the first to recommend TV shows that people may like!
Episodes 13. Because of the friction created, the Kommandant becomes determined that Mohn should be removed from Colditz. The S.S. put up a spirited rearguard action on the ground as Carrington takes advantage of the confusion to escape towards the American lines. ... « Season 1 | Season 2 After several days on the run, Pat is caught and sent to Laufen once more. 8/22/2020 – Updated Additional Video’s Page: New videos for the TCM, Natalie Wood Day. In reality the officer who attracted suspicion based on his pre war journalist experience and political views was British commando. All; Available now (0) Next on (0) Back up to: Colditz. He intends to keep this fact a secret, but it leaks both to Colonel Preston and the Kommandant. 8/27/2020 – Latest News Page: Update on release of new bio on Jay Sebring. Suddenly, the SS arrive for a conference, much to the Kommandant’s consternation, and the Standartenführer makes a bid to take over the camp. S2, Ep1. Pat Grant is captured at Dunkirk, and sent along with many other British Officers to Oflag VIIC, Laufen. He becomes sick, runs out of money, and eventually tries to get help from the American consulate who turns him down. He also plays cards with a German guard and manages to take him for enough that the guard is forced to help Collins get a metal ID tag for civilian workers in the castle.

The method of escape is based on that used by Ion Ferguson, a Royal Army Medical Corps doctor imprisoned in Colditz, who certified a number of prisoners as insane in Stalag IV-D, who were then repatriated to Britain. Season 1. Episode Ep. Despite protest from Mohn, the Kommandant relents to Colonel Preston’s request to have the theatre, which was used for an escape the previous year, reopened.

8.5 ... Error: please try again. The librarian is dismayed to find his classes used as mere cover for the escapers’ activities – relegated again. The request is refused by the stereotypically romantic and womanising Captain André Vaillant. This takes place in September 1941, as they mention the Germans have reached. Ulmann is still seething over the “home-run” by Pat Grant and Phil Carrington, and interrogates Dick Player ceaselessly, without success. Click here to login or here to sign up. 9/6/2020 – Tom Cottle interview from Mid 80s. American tanks are advancing on the town and Major Carrington tries to get through. Nevertheless, Squadron Leader Tony Shaw, the maker of the. Fortunately, the Kommandant comes to Colonel Preston with a plea for a guarantee that he and his men will be delivered to the American liberation forces, and saved from the Russians. Colonel Preston starts to mobilise the British in preparation for a possible revolt. These three are taken to solitary confinement and, at Mohn’s urging, given preferential treatment to arouse the suspicions of the British. Lifestyle WordPress Theme by

Three American prisoners - including Carrington - are brought in to join lone countryman Phipps. It is imperative to get them out before the SS take them away. However Page actually turns out to be a spy, a member of Special Operations but, with no military status, he risks being shot as a spy. What happens when two Frenchmen are found trying the same escape as two British officers? Colditz (1972) 8.1 / 10. The spot he chooses is the hole under the pulpit in the chapel. He announces that Hitler has heard of the successful escape and he is here to enforce discipline and ensure that there are no other escape bids.