Upgrade Silo: A modification improvement program for. Or: The operation to create a beachhead for the first Budweiser delivery truck in the Pacific Islands. Required fields are marked *. Tempest Rapid – Employment of DOD resources in natural disaster emergencies in the Continental United States. 9 Hilarious Military Code Names You Won’t Believe Were Actually Used Andy Simmons Updated: Mar. The codenames change over time for security purposes, but are often publicly known. All color-related terms. Jukebox Lotus – Operations in Libya after attack on Benghazi Consulate. Or: A military operation that by all accounts sucked. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. If you're running a recent version nouveau, you can find your chipset by doing dmesg | grep -i chipset. Greencreek is the name of a town in Idaho County, Idaho, USA. For security, codenames are generally picked from a list of such 'good' words, but avoiding the use of common words which could likely be intended to mean their normal definitions. Senior Citizen – Classified program; probably a projected Special Operations stealth and/or STOL transport aircraft. Sometimes it can be difficult being creative with your coupon names.

Exercise Valiant Usher 86 – a declassified U.S. Central Command historical document, Volant Oak – See Coronet Oak.

Senior Club – Low-observable anti-tamper advanced technology systems assessment. Combined with Operation Fracture Deep as Operation Proud Deep. The Lists. Senior Class – Shipment of material directed by Headquarters USAF. Operation name when directed by Military Airlift Command from 1977 to 1992. A military operation that by all accounts sucked. Exercise Eager Light – In October 2012, more than 70 U.S. Echo Casemate – Support of French and African peacekeeping forces in the Central African Republic. ", Atlas Response – response to Mozambique floods of 2001, Atlas Vision – peacekeeping exercise with Russia. 1.1 Code Words 1.2 Nicknames 1.3 Exercise Terms 1.4 Alphabetical Blocks for Nicknames and Exercise Terms 1.5 Permanently Assigned First Words for Two-Word Nicknames 1.6 Sources. Proud Phantom - unprogrammed tactical deployment ordered by Secretary of Defense/JCS, not part of the regular exercise program , in which 12 F-4E Phantom IIs and at least 400 personnel were dispatched to, Operation Prize Bull – September 1971 trikes against North Vietnamese POL storage sites.

Code name generator . Over the course of 18 days in October–November, members of the U.S. armed services, National Guard, U.S. Special Operations Command, NATO Headquarters and 16 partner states participated in the demonstration, which collected technical data on systems and subjective judgments from the warfighters using them. It is recommended to use the Linux 3.1 kernel or newer (or a backported driver from this kernel). Cougar. Christmas is a time for family, feasting and celebration and while not everyone celebrates Christmas itself, it’s always a great time to grab a bargain and enjoy the universal holiday spirit and appreciation of loved ones. It’s all about getting those kids back on the books and back to school.

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