‎08-02-2017 In SharePoint no of list item Threshold limit defined on tenant level, if you want to limit the number of items reach out to tenant admin. The user gets a confirmation email that includes: An Outlook meeting invitation for the training date and time, Information about the training session (agenda, topics covered, etc. The following solution  will help to facilitate class scheduling and management of attendees by providing employee self-signup functionality and attendance approval administrative interface. In the Data pane, click Add data source. First of all make sure your workflow already has this input parameter created. It has a name and course description for the course type, and a registration link. Figure 2. Open dafault.aspx page in SharePoint Designer. It seems to use a * syntax rather than commas to separate the passed variables. My organization needs a solution like this, however I need people to be able to sign up other users for classes or for SharePoint not to use the account logged in as the Attendee. On the Form Settings page, select Use the default SharePoint form, and then select Delete custom form.
If so, can anyone tell me what I would need to do? I cannot seem to get the Form Action Button to work either. Go to your “onClick” event. The formula will look at the status field, if status is open the calculated column will return a url. As the next step add another branch to your workflow, set the condition and check for “Approval” field to be equal to “Rejected” value. One registrations list, with a lookup field to the masterlist, entry form shows only sessions that have places available. Create a new workflow and attach it to the attendees list. I guess you can do it this way, add pre-defined event dates in calendar. For the user confirmation email, Let’s review the functionality required. Hi there,  I know time has pasted since this issue was added, But would you be willing to share the steps you took to accomplish this. ClassID – this field will hold the same value as the actual raw ID. Title – Title of the class employee signed up for. I hope that helps. When I try to insert the javascript, I get an error message about an invalid numer of arguments. 02:36 AM Installing SQL 2008 (CTP6) on Windows Server 2008. Then make a view with the edit button next to each available seat and remove the toolbar so no one "can" add additional seats. Can we apply JavaScript onto that list?If so ,this will be more easy Ma'am. Hi @Yvonne Klomp I  am very much new to the sharepoint world. Each event has its own associated list holding registered users. How can I limit the number of items that can be entered into a list? Hi Natalya,Great article, the only thing that confuses me is how to create the aspx pages. At the same time add that user to a people picker column of that content type. http://www.hagenberg-software.at/download/eventmanagement.en.php, http://www.sharepointsapiens.com/event-management/. In a way I'm using the enforce unique values column setting to limit the data that is used in the list overall. Next go to Attendees’ Data View Properties, select “Editing Tab”, Check “Show edit item links”. The registration entries will go to a custom list. Can you help me please? Printing out a report is also easy- you could just filter the list by session/attendee and export it.
In Tag Properties of your Form Action Button, change the value property to “Sign Up”. ------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Natalya,thank you very much for this solution; it makes a lot of sense, and it diminishes the sense of amazement I felt when I started to work in SPD and realised that there was no defined way to pass variables into a workflow.However, I am having difficulty building a Javascript string for my particular requirement; SPD had already built a concatenation into the string (because I am passing form fields into the workflow to populate an email) but I cannot successfully add to it (to pass the ID of the list item my form is editing).