Brax threatens Cody to leave the Bay with the money and never come back and Cody and his henchmen leave after Brax's threatened warning.
Younes announced his intentions to leave Home and Away in March 2014 and Casey made his final appearance on 16 September 2014. He has been overshadowed by both of his brothers and he has struggled at school.

Josh and Evie hangs out at night and Josh asked her out. Brax was about to start until a man from the funeral service gave him a mysterious letter, which Brax's mother, Cheryl takes and reads it. Josh gets bashed up at the caravan park and he comes to Evelyn for help.

Kyle soon returns and forces both of them into his truck.

Fans also bombarded their real accounts on the social networking site with friend requests. Casey has a one-night stand with Ruby Buckton (Rebecca Breeds), who is attempting to move on from her ex Romeo. Josh was shocked when Kyle told him and Andy that Charlotte interrupted Zac and Leah's wedding and threaten to reveal everyone's secrets.

He and Evelyn met at school on her first day at Summer Bay High, the two never came close until May 2014. Josh that decided to quit school and gets a TAFE job so he could support Maddy and the baby. Casey supports his brothers through tough times and has a brief fling with a girl called Linda Somerset (Hannah Britland) when the brothers visit London together.

Evie says yes and they're engaged.

Evelyn leaves instantly and the next day, Evelyn tells Josh that she's not comfortable with him seeing Maddy and the two argued at the diner and Josh leaves. Shortly after, Casey dumps Ruby when he becomes annoyed at her constantly nagging him about the HSC.

They met again at the beach. She later gives him a second chance so he can concentrate on the HSC. Josh and Maddy meet at the beach where Heath and Bianca have their wedding reception. Casey goes to Jake Pirovic's (Fletcher Humphrys) headquarters and sets fire to the building. Josh catch up with Evie, but she walks away with disappointment. When Casey hands himself in to the police it changes his attitude. She accepted, and they suddenly kiss, but Evelyn pushes him away, which upsets Josh. Tamara turns up in the Bay for Casey's court case. Josh tried to cook pasta for himself, but burned his hand on the stove, and Kyle bandages his hand. Younes confirmed that Casey's time in jail would not go well and viewers would see a "darker more wary Casey" upon his return.

She meets Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher) and flirts with him. When Romeo goes to Casey's house, as he needs assistance with his school work, he realises that Casey has a bad home life.

But Josh sees Evie still unhappy about Hannah's condition. They come out in the room playing with their clothes giving the impression that they just had sex and Maddy tells Roo, "I love him." Casey is later given early release and surprises Ruby by accompanying him to the school formal. He does not know how to act around others and can be impressionable.

The car then explodes and the impact knocks the duo to the ground. She said that she'll always love him and Andy says goodbye too. Casey feels pressured by Cheryl to leave school, especially when she gets him a job at the fishery. The character was created and introduced along with his two brothers; Heath and half-brother, Casey. Heath tries to convince him to run from the law.

He opens the door and shows her all the romantic things he did for his room, filling the whole room with balloons with lights, fairy lights on walls and flowers.

He gets comfort from Maddy, while he struggles to cope Casey's death and he and Maddy slept together. With their failed mission to bring Matt home, the two lovers return to Summer Bay. She originally auditioned for the role of Phoebe Nicholson, before she was offered the part of Denny in 2013, a week before she left for Los Angeles. Casey develops feelings for her and they begin dating. Evelyn asks Josh to take her, but Josh said he doesn't feel like it, which upsets Evelyn. He and Maddy Osborne flirt, but are interrupted by Casey Braxton who to take Maddy home. [24] Casey departed on 16 September, after he was shot dead by Jake Pirovic while trying to save his kidnapped half-brother Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher).