*from Cebu City

As they say, salt water heals everything. From my own estimation, it took about an hour or less for our boat to reach this island. Is it advisable?

PHP150.00 (motorbike rental per person for the entire day) | PHP20.00 (Kailinas entrance fee) | PHP100.00 (1L Red Horse), 6:00PM – DINNER. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. , I love the milky way photos! We stayed in the island for 3 days but for the benefit of doing this 1000php-challenge budget travel guide, we will assume an overnight stay later on. I do have a question. I’m really glad that my post can somehow help you. great!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but while I was scouting for a good spot to photograph the night sky, I chanced upon the glowing coastline. We loved it there! So if you guys are going there soon, try to observe this one.

5:00AM – Take a bus from the Cebu North Bus Terminal heading to Tapilon Port (Daan Bantayan). From Cebu North Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Maya Port, and tell the conductor that you’re going to Tapilon Port. May ba mo nangadto last year? And so, our adventure to Carnaza Island began! And in the midst of these setbacks, there were many Good Samaritans who helped me out.

It was such a delight and I will never get the hang of it. Yep, I had that drowsy and irritating feeling all night. Ever had a dry and sore throat that turned to cough and cold the following day?

Saan ka pa? I am an amateur star-chaser, photographer and free-diver. 7:00AM – BREAKFAST.

Boss, Aldrich. Almost every spot is Instagram-worthy! He’s based in Cebu and offers tours there. Ever had a dry and sore throat that turned into cough and cold the following day? It rained hard on the night we were there.

As far as I can remember, these folks were late for the scheduled trip to Carnaza Island. Unless otherwise stated, all written content on this site is owned by Mark Roa of www.gotmarked.com. Aldrich Infantado is a travel junkie and a writing aficionado who loves to share amazing travel tips to his fellow travelers. I literally had zero hours of sleep, the night prior to our Carnaza Island trip. be going to carnaza next week and your post is such a help.

Not to mention, there’s only one boat ride (mostly transporting locals) per day that will take you to the island.

There, we grilled the fresh fish we bought in Tapilon, and indulge on its clear and clean waters. With my stomach grumbling, we left the area, and went back to the beach where my family was staying.

Below is your guide when you visit Carnaza Island & La Manok Island.

Labyu Eco! Once we have settled in, I left the beach for a while, to do some exploration alone around the island.  It was proven true as soon as we saw Carnaza from a distance. I’m Mark Roa—a traveler and a photographer based in Bacolod City, Philippines. We will leave on Saturday and stay overnight. I can’t wait to join on your next trip soon.

Luckily, the team fixed the issue, in a jiffy. I know the pains of being a traveler who has missed a flight or scheduled bus. Sunset viewing from the airstrip atop the island 5. Salamatz kaayo. Change ). – if the eco park is full, you can pitch your own tent at Kailinas cove or there are houses that accept transient guests. Tirso did like our itinerary, and even gave me some inputs and insights on how we can maximize our trip. Hello there! Mag ask lang ta ko nag plan mi mo visit sa carnaza this holy week.. Naa miy kaila na ma reffer na mo guide namo didto? For our group, since we were 8 people and had loads of photography equipment, we decided to charter a boat to Carnaza from Tapilon.

**Please note that if you’re taking the public boat, you don’t have to contact Kuya Tirso. Not only did it feature some interesting rock formations, but it also had a long and interesting history.

Like or follow us and be the first to know about new stories and travel adventures. Maybe it’s just me, but I really have a thing for raging waters. Many local and international businesses have contributed to making [gotmarked] the great travel blog that it is. The waters were, of course, deep with eye-catching hues of blue. Upon your arrival, ask the locals in the area the location of the port where boats from Carnaza Island dock. I’m trying to reach Tirso but i’m not getting any reply.

Food is just okay and a little pricey.

You’ll have access to the shared bathroom facilities.

You can either bring your own food and have the ladies at Carnaza Eco Park cook it or you can order from their basic menu (coffee, soda, canned goods, instant noodles, eggs, bbq and seasonal fresh catch of the day).

As a bona fide history lover, I did find their stories about the caves quite beguiling. Our Carnaza Island experience. Thank you, I’ve also formulated an alternative 2-day itinerary within the blog. While I was excited and pumped up to see the island paradise, it was a looming cough that stopped me from getting some rest.