[66][67] Milcho Bonev was assassinated in 2004, believed to be organized by the Serbian Mafia. [75] From 1994-2000 illegal cigarette smuggling in Italy was operated by the Serbian mafia together with the Italian Mafia. He was the husband of Serbian Turbo-folk singer, Founder of the Serbian Volunteer Guard with Giška. [69] Former Litex president Angel Bonchev had business with the Zemun clan. Loading... Unsubscribe from lovercho? as bodyguards.

The Serbian network has operatives all over Europe and South America.[43][44]. [59] Ljubomir Magaš ("Ljuba Zemunac", "Ljuba from Zemun", "The Godfather") was the head of the Serbian mafia at the time. Subotić's net worth is estimated to be €650 million. He was murdered by Dobroslav Gavrić (a close friend of Bata Trlaja), a former policeman who was part of the Novi Beograd gang.

He and his gang operated in Germany and Italy during this time. [61], There have been a number of unsolved murder cases in Rotterdam that have been linked to the activities of Serbian Organized Crime gangs. Arms trafficking, assault, bribery, burglary, extortion, fraud, illegal gambling, kidnapping, money laundering, murder, corruption, racketeering, smuggling, theft.

He said that by the end of 2009 there were 27 registered OC groups active, with each group having more than 200 members. [citation needed] The Serbian mafia gave many Serbs a perceived way out of the economic disaster that occurred in the country following the implementation of internationally imposed sanctions against Serbia during the Yugoslav Wars. They have appeared in: Learn how and when to remove this template message, 2008 car bomb which killed journalist Ivo Pukanić in Zagreb, "Project Pink Panthers/Organized crime/Crime areas/Internet", "Feljton - Novine Toronto - Srpska mafija u svetuNa listi svih kriminalaca sveta u Interpolu nalazi se 350 državljana SCG, koji aktivno deluju u Švedskoj, Holandiji, Švajcarskoj, Nemačkoj, Italiji, Češkoj, Australiji, SAD, Velikoj Britaniji i čak Japanu. Pink Panthers are believed to be responsible for the robbery of the jewellery store Harry Winston in Paris, on 9 December 2008. [26], In November 2009, Argentine police arrested five Serbian drug couriers and seized their 492 kilograms of cocaine in Buenos Aires,[25] One of the largest drug busts in 2009.
One of the gang's members was Dušan Spasojević, who later became the head of the Zemun clan.
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[12], Zemun clan member Ninoslav Konstantinović fled the Netherlands to Italy after his brother was arrested in 2003. Operation Balkan Warrior was successful in Italy, with over 80 people arrested. Cancel Unsubscribe. Desperate for money, many former soldiers and youngsters turned to a life of crime.

He was later involved in the 2008 assassination of Ivo Pukanić, a Croatian journalist killed by a car bomb. [8], In 2005 interviews with Australian Serbs, it was said some 20 Zemun clan members operated in Australia at the time, double the number working prior to Operation Sablja. A Yugoslav amateur boxer, street-fighter and gangster. The Pink Panthers international jewel thief network is responsible for some of the most audacious thefts in criminal history. The feud grew into an open war in which many of the key Mafia bosses were assassinated. They appear to have connections with the Russian mafia, Serbian mafia, and the Italian Cosa Nostra. With the emergence of the gang on Italian soil, the gang offered better quality cocaine for a lower price, effectively gaining the market from 2007–09, trafficking cocaine from South America. [8], Arkan was the founder and leader of the Serb Volunteer Guard (Arkan's Tigers), a Serb paramilitary unit that fought during the Yugoslav Wars. Known as a gentleman robber, he and Bruno Sulak were the most wanted men of the 1980s in France and other parts of Europe due to a series of spectacular robberies in Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Paris and Lyon. [74], Known in German as the German: Serbische Mafia, Jugoslawische Mafia. [53] They are responsible for what have been termed some of the most glamorous heists ever, with their crimes being thought of as "artistry" even by criminologists. Includes 6 items: The "Pink Panthers" is responsible for some of the biggest heists ever committed.

A close friend of Giška, who was a successful businessman in the Netherlands. [1] Its origin dates back to SFRY, which had very low crime rate, as criminals were allowed to live peacefully in Yugoslavia as long as they restricted their operations to abroad, and then bring the stolen goods and capital back to be spent at home. International sanctions were imposed on Serbia starting in May 1992 and Serbia became economically isolated. During the 1970s/80s he operated his own gang in Germany and was assassinated in 1986 by a rival, Goran Vuković. Bulgarian organized crime groups are involved in a wide range of activities, including drug trafficking, cigarette smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, illicit antiquities trafficking, extortion (often under the cover of ostensible security and insurance companies), racketeering, various financial crimes, car theft and the arms trade.