Bristol Cars - Owners and Enthusiasts Forum, For Sale - Cars, Parts & Automobilia (Bristol related only). [2] Other changes included improved ventilation, redesigned seats and service intervals extended to 10,000 miles (16,000 km).[2]. There were two owners after him that kept the car serviced by Bristol and I am the 6th. Whereas the 603 was a dramatically restyled version of the characteristic Bristol two-door saloon, the 412 was different in that it was a Targa-type convertible with a removable roof that could be placed in the large luggage compartment. To allow for the greater range between fill-ups with petrol necessary for touring beyond the short distances found in the British Isles, the Beaufort possessed a greatly enlarged fuel tank of 136 L (30 imp gal; 36 US gal) as opposed to the mere 82 L (18 imp gal; 22 US gal) tank of other Bristols of the time. “Fewer than 20” were made, according to the Bristol Cars website.[3]. However, the company's specialist status made exporting very difficult and most of these modified 412 models were exported to Europe and markets such as West Germany and Switzerland. Square … To cope with the extra torque, the Torqueflite automatic gearbox that had been a constant in every Bristol since the 407, was upgraded with a stronger, thicker propeller shaft and a torque converter taken from the 7.2 litre (440 cubic inch) RB engine found in Chrysler's top-of-the-line models during the 1970s. 1984 B REG 3 DOOR RHD CLASSIC RANGE ROVER, REQUIRES RESTORATION, DRY STORED. both incidents having avoided damaging the bumpers thankfully. Apart from the occasional tendency to stall at low speed it drives very well with excellent ride. aluminium bodied four-seater convertible powered by Chrysler 5. If anyone one knows of a 412 for sale or has a 412 that they may be tempted to sell, then I'd be grateful if they could contact me here. Variants were produced as the Bristol Beaufighter, from 1980 to 1993, and as the Bristol Beaufort, from 1984 to 1994.[1]. However there is quite a substantial bump in the rear valance and a matching one in the front. The car passed its MOT in March 2016 with no advisories. It was bought from Bristol Cars Ltd a few years ago by a man who wanted a sound Bristol to fit a ‘stroker' 8 litre engine to but he found himself enjoying the 412 as it was so much he couldn't be bothered and contented himself with a £4000 front brake up-grade; the brakes are superb in fact. Welcome to the Bristol world. This group contains 73 photos. Zagato styled. In an effort to move into the United States market, Bristol designed a 412USA that complied with the extremely strict emissions and safety regulations of the US, with a catalytic converter and a much stronger roll bar than on the first 412. Seats. Based in the UK. The Beaufort had a reinforced windscreen frame to compensate for the absence of a fixed roll bar. Very rare: probably fewer than 50 made. 9 litre V8 with three Speed ‘Torqueflite' automatic transmission. For export only, primarily to continental Europe, the Bristol Beaufort-once again named after a WW2 Bristol aircraft-was the last development of the 412 to appear. The passenger side electric window doesn't want to work and there is a crack across the bottom right hand corner of the front screen. The drivers side door card is slightly loose.

I'm a huge fan of the 412, and I'm sure that having acquired one, you'll be delighted with it. Compare it with any other Bristol V8 currently available or any equivalent Mercedes V8 cabriolet. C for some time. The paint is peeling on the boot lid and on the bonnet. aluminium bodied four-seater convertible powered by Chrysler 5. You are either convinced by the angular shape or you are not but it has something of the appeal of a Camargue or an Aston Martin Lagonda: the more you look at it the better it gets! The earliest versions of the 412 were also very unusual for a post-World War II car in that the body was made by Zagato in Italy and attached to a chassis built by Bristol Cars in Filton, England. Along with the Bristol 603, it was one of two concurrent successors to the long-serving 411 that had carried Bristol Cars through from the late 1960s to the late 1970s. 2009 FIESTA ST 150bhp Colorado Red 1 previous owner 43k Immaculate FSH, Willys Jeep 1948 American 4x4 modified 1 off custom 302 5.0 v8 swap swop px, CLASSIC MINI KENSINGTON 1.3 1996 N REG { EXTREMELY RARE } 37000 MILES, 1990 PORSCHE 964 / 911 CARRERA 2 CABRIO Manual Autumn Bargain, Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor, 2 X VANS 1X GMC A TEAM VAN REPLICA CHEVY G20 DAYVAN AND CHEVY G20 MUST SEE.