Handbrake: Mechanical linkage operating on rear discs. Wheels For those who may not be aware, there was a very nicely presented article in the Oct 08 Octane magazine about what “you might call a 411 Series VI”, according to Toby Silverton. Overall Gearing: 40.72 mph/1,000 r.p.m. Ignition System: Dual microprocessor sequential electronic ignition. integration and an IPod docking system. Limited slip differential. Bristol 411 Series 6 specifications: versions & types.


Kept carefully out of sight, Mexico In Car Entertainment is fitted, featuring superb audio reproduction as well as DAB radio, hard disc satellite navigation, Bluetooth Layout: Electronically controlled automatic with four forward speeds and reverse. Recent improvement includes a heated front windscreen.

Whilst car is very reliable and in excellent condition, to return it to concours level would require a level of paint work to some body panels for which BCL have quoted £8k. The article contains some good detailed pictures and the car featured is absolutely stunning (although I may be a little biased !).

Torque Converter: Stall ratio 2.19:1 with computer controlled lock-up clutch.

Bristol model 411 Series 6 belongs to grand tourer class.

In the 2010s Bristol Cars offered a modernised version of the Bristol 411, the Series 6. Reluctantly placing the car on the market now, after 10 years trouble-free ownership.

Bristol 411 Series 6 Built by Bristol Cars Ltd in 2010 and upgraded and maintained by Brabazon Motors over the last 2 years, this car is the ultimate in 4 seater GT luxury.

Represents the "F (luxury cars)" market segment. Bristol 411 (Series 6) '2009–03.2011 all pictures (5) specifications; WheelsAge.org '2005–pr. Energy absorbing column with offset joints and twin progressive collapse sections. Steering Martin Buckley was publicly ridiculed for expressing the idea eight years ago, now it's a brilliant Bristol plan! Engine Tank: 82 litres (18 lmp. 7 x 15" Alloy. Drivetrain Suspension Layout: 8 cylinders in Vee formation

Rear: Self adjusting discs with two piston calipers. But can, I’m sure the irony of this has not been lost on Martin Buckley. The Series 5 made from 1975 to 1976 had the original Bristol badge restored and was the first Bristol to feature inertia reel seat belts. Isn't it true that in 2000, Silverton was just barely getting started at Bristol with Mr. Crook ... Maybe irony isn't the right word.

There may not be quite as much irony as you suggest. gallons) - 109 litres Isn't it true that in 2000, Silverton was just barely getting started at Bristol with Mr. Crook, while he has recently been able to follow his own lead, since Mr. Crook is no longer involved with Bristol?

Front and Rear: 215/70 x 15 Is it absolutely certain that what was discussed in 2000, is the same as what BMC are now offering? This Series 6 started its life as a classic V8 Bristol 411 Series 4, which was then stripped at the Bristol factory back to each individual nut and bolt, before being rebuilt to a better than new condition in 2009.

Tyres Type 407 onwards - restoration, repair, maintenance etc, Bristol Cars - Owners and Enthusiasts Forum, Toby Silverton letter Classic Cars May 2000.jpg, Buckley Classic Cars artilce Mar 2000.jpg. There may not be quite as much irony as you suggest.

Steering wheel: 14" diameter with hand stitched leather trim. Fuel System: Tuned runner aluminium plenum with multi port injection. In Car Entertainment Safety: The car is offered with notchback coupe body shapes since the year 2000. Spare: Full sized located in front wing compartment. I have toyed with the idea of publishing my archive of the old BOC Forum and BEEF mail list discussions over the last ten years.