What a miserable experience! Nagpur Today | Nagpur Breaking, Business, Sports, Technology, Video and Entertainment News. He was also treated for blood vomiting.” Bohra said that an endoscopy revealed that his stomach was found to be bleeding profusely. Designed and Developed by PenciDesign, A (Almost) Secret Source For Rare Vegetables, Natural Awakenings for September: Growing Sugarcane, How To Identify an Edible Bolete Mushroom, Time to Prune Grapes (if you're in a mild climate in the Northern Hemisphere), The Great South Florida Food Forest Project. Sounds pretty serious. I lay in bed and was wracked with chills despite the warm tropical breeze coming through the window.

“But we’re used to bitter. Generally, bottle gourd is believed to have many health benefits, ranging from improving heart health to reducing high blood pressure. Will be careful about tasting vine foods before adding them to a pot. And thank God your kids didn’t consume this stuff!

She succumbed to complications around midnight on June 16,” said a family friend. Good to hear you’re recovering. The patient was resuscitated and stabilized with fluids, proton pump inhibitors and antiemetics and … No, it was almost certainly cucurbitacin poisoning. People should not consume the juice if it tastes bitter. I feel for you buddy. “She developed severe vomiting and loose motion within half-an-hour of having a glass of bottle gourd juice in the morning on June 12. Once I finish this post, I’m going back to bed.

Wrenching stomach pain, and the bitterness of the morning’s breakfast was back in my mouth. I never mess around with plants I believe are potentially poisonous – and I’m very careful with my mushroom hunting and have a whole stack of books on the topic. “Could the moringa be bitter?”. I heard about this sort of thing from a regional master gardener. We ate luffa back in Florida and it was delicious. It is poisonous. After breakfast we went outside and got to work on the garden. […]. Well, these were extremely bitter, and completely inedible. On Saturday morning Rachel peeled and chopped them up with greens, corned beef and eggs to make a hash for breakfast. 40 And they poured out some for the men to eat. It was a case of bottle gourd poisoning. My sister ate 3 small slices of this unusually bitter vegetable and vomitted them and having stomach cramps now. Clean all bits of the pinkish “skin” that surrounds the seed . We paid for it. “She vomited in the car on the way to her office and had to return home immediately. : ). Then finally, the culprit was revealed – the last ingredient was grated courgettes, and the dish went from lovely to appallingly bitter. Im bibe outside fruit juice mixes also with caution since it is physically impossible for any vendor to taste every lauki before using it to make juice. Luffa are edible – and delicious when stir-fried – so long as you eat them young. People should not consume the juice if it tastes bitter.

Get well, folks! Several cases of health complications and death following consumption of bottle gourd juice have been reported in the country, said the report. My partner refused to touch it. Just read this in my science news and it reminded me of your experience. An endoscopy revealed that his stomach was profusely bleeding. Sorry you had to learn the the way you did, to share it. An expert committee formed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in 2011 had ruled that people should not drink bottle gourd juice if it tasted bitter. But on Friday (June 15), she developed bleeding in the brain. They grow so fast that you need to check them every day.

A working professional, the woman was a fitness enthusiast. Read: How to detect adulteration in honey, sugar and jaggery: Take these quick tests to check and stay safe. “Luffa poisoning” brought me to an article on poisons created by members of the cucurbit family, more specifically zucchini and cucumbers. Hi, how did you treat the effects? PUNE: A healthy 41-year-old woman with no underlying medical condition recently died in the city after consuming bottle gourd juice, reinforcing the need to exercise caution while having fluid of vegetables.