Amadou Sow, UCSB (14.1 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 54.7% FG%), Lamine Diane, CSUN (25.6 PPG, 10.2 RPG, 48.0% FG%), Terrell Gomez, CSUN (19.8 PPG, 43.9% FG%), Eddie Stansberry, Hawai’i (15.9 PPG, 40.4% FG%), Samuta Avea, Hawai’i (10.8 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 40.9% FG%), Drew Buggs, Hawai’i (9.4 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 36.2% FG%), Zigmars Reimo, Hawai’i (9.3 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 44.6% FG%), Brandon Kamga, CSUF (15.5 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 42.5% FG%), Jackson Rowe, CSUF (15.6 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 46.7% FG%). 0000373013 00000 n Semifinals (Friday, March 13) — ESPN3 & ESPNU. 0000041472 00000 n Kansas maintains its vice grip on the Midwest region.

0000005815 00000 n 0000048115 00000 n 0000113905 00000 n 3 seed—we are in lock-step on the South Region. 0000111944 00000 n Here are your 2020 conference tournament brackets, as well as a running tally of every automatic bid secured for the 2020 NCAA tournament. h�b``(f`�>�����C��1�O,- I���X_3�2� �(�(�NF�L���D9:��?����}����(C&CC���1. It seems impossible to give them an equivalent seed in the Big Dance. 0000459492 00000 n Game 5: Highest Remaining Seed vs Lowest Remaining Seed, 9:30 p.m. Game 6: Second Highest Remaining Seed vs Second Lowest Remaining Seed, 11:59 p.m. Game 7: Game 5 Winner vs Game 6 Winner, 11:30 p.m. UC Irvine (21-11, 13-3): Last March, the Anteaters were one of the country’s biggest mid-major stories.

0000169286 00000 n It was a completely normal Thursday in the college hoops world, save for San Diego State trailing at halftime to Air Force, Wyoming advancing to the MWC semifinals, Washington actually winning a Pac-12 game, North Florida crashing out of the ASUN Tournament before the championship game, UConn and Oregon State showing the mildest signs of bubble life...okay, nevermind, perhaps it was a completely bizarre day. Thursday, March 12th (quarterfinals); Friday, March 13th (semifinals); Saturday, March 14th (championship) Format. 0000354433 00000 n 0000039891 00000 n 0000029332 00000 n San Diego State survived a mild scare against Air Force on Thursday, trailing at halftime before rolling through the second half en route to a double-digit win. They have an amazing three headed monster in Amadou Sow, JaQuori McLaughlin and Max Heidegger but Heidegger has missed the past three games with a gruesome injury, and isn’t a guarantee to play in the conference tournament. 0000169549 00000 n 0000030747 00000 n 0000182337 00000 n 0000047153 00000 n Hall’s 10 Q1 wins and current one-game lead in the Big East qualify it for a spot on this line, despite eight overall losses and a No. 0000034262 00000 n This league has a clear favorite, but the other seven teams have a shot due to key players and big-time wins. UC Irvine will make it two dances in a row, beating CSUN and Lamine Diane in the final.

0000089470 00000 n 2020 Big West Men’s Basketball Tournament Schedule Thursday, March 12 – Quarterfinals Time Network Talent Game 1: No. As a 12-seed, they dominated a depleted Kansas State team. 0000114222 00000 n 0000030339 00000 n 0000089371 00000 n 0000004936 00000 n Big West men’s basketball tournament schedule. The Jayhawks are all but a certainty to wind up in this spot on Selection Sunday, boasting the country’s best NET, strength of schedule, non-conference strength of schedule and most quality wins. 0000378115 00000 n

0000006618 00000 n

0000213827 00000 n 0000125632 00000 n 0000040365 00000 n CSUF has big game experience and has the chance to let that shine in Anaheim. –JR.

Tomato, tomahto. 0000397013 00000 n 0000421776 00000 n Ky's full projected NCAA tournament bracket as of March 6: Jim's full projected NCAA tournament bracket as of March 6: Our look at the field of 68 heading into the final weekend of the regular season. Big West Tournament bracket, preview and schedule: Anteaters look to make it two in a row. Keep Samuta Avea out of foul trouble too, and he’s nothing to be messed with. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000048185 00000 n 2020 Big West Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament Basics Dates. 0000067521 00000 n 0000294631 00000 n

0000088861 00000 n Big West Tournament bracket, preview and schedule: Anteaters look to make it two in a row Nick Lorensen 3/11/2020 Cities with the highest number of COVID-19 cases I threw them in the West, Jim put them in the Midwest. Winning out might give them a shot at the No. Three Anteaters average double-digit points as well.