Fearless. Muhammad Ali was a great boxer but he was too slow and would be held up in the ropes until his opponent would get tired and ali would give a haymaker to end a fight.

Record: 90 – 2 – 2Wins by KO: 39Weight Class: Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, MiddleweightNationality: Italian, Armenian. Prettiest hard puncher ever. The "Greatest" title combines the criteria of 1) skill, 2) accomplishments in the ring, and 3) global/cultural accomplishments. Mike MacCallum> Roy is his career has held 10-11 major titles> the first boxer in 106 years to go from middleweight- heavyweight world champion. He was the best Mexican fighter and will be and also compared with American fighters in which has won 88 fights straight without loosing or telling the judges to give him the wins. In my opinion, one of the best ever. It speaks for itself. The interviewer said to Foreman "you must admit, he's a pretty tough cookie" Forman replied "yah but that tough cookie is afraid of this piece of cake! " Standing at 6 feet 2 and around 210 lbs he's the best pure pound for pound Heavyweight. Floyd Patterson was really no different than Liston he didn't move very well and was very slow. He has never been knocked down once in his entire career. Whitaker (40-4-1) held belts in four divisions but was robbed on multiple occasions; even his 1997 Oscar De La Hoya loss was debatable. 25 Stanley Ketchel This list's only non-champion, Langford suffered because of racial discrimination in the early 20th century.

While he was one of the greatest light heavies ever, Charles (89-25-1) did well as a small heavyweight. Probably in the top 5 of all time.

Best Kickboxers of All Time – Top Fighters in the World May 11, 2020 May 30, 2019 by Chris TSK Kickboxing is seeing a resurgence with some big promotions like Glory, One Kickboxing, Bellator, and K-1. Aerts won the K-1 World Grand Prix three times, with his 1998 win going down as one of the best K-1 World Grand Prix ever. Evander Holyfield, a lionhearted champion showed in two fights with Tyson that Mike had no heart. He returned to the ring in poor shape (for only the money) during the reign of Tyson. A warlord at 135, Duran's signature work came at welterweight. Beat Duran in their first fight and flat footed, if he had been on his toes would have been like the second fight. And who else beat Robinson? He fought with a brave heart & fierce spirit. A brutal inside fighter and counter puncher. Watch a Willie Pep highlight then tell me he is not the slickest boxer of all time, The best fighter ever, anybody that know real boxing and boxing history... KNOWS, Has to be in the top 3 best fighters ever just look at his record 229-11-1. No heavyweight could do what 1960s Ali did, his movement picking all comers apart. Hard to compare hank with anyone under ranked here, I had wrote this previously on a different page: Special. JC CHAVEZ THE BEST TILL NOW. He beat Shane Mosley after quite possibly Shane's most impressive win of his career. I don't know much about boxing but what I DO know is that you can't just go and complete this man's record - Unnamed Google User Remade, In my opinion Rocky was the greatest puncher of all time, not sure about boxer being that his style was so unorthodox. I doubt anyone will ever beat his record of 49-0. As of 2019, Moore remains the oldest world champion in history at 48 years, 59 days old when he last held the belt. The night Ali beat Cleveland Williams, he would have beat anyone. When it comes to Ali vs Tyson I pick Tyson every time. A fight he was winning on all judges scoring card until the fight was stopped because of heat exhaustion Robinson suffered fighting at the old Yankee Stadium.