Encourage your players to try and ‘swish’ the ball off the backboard so that they make the layup without the ball touching the ring.
I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Take the defender out, or else, They may have trouble catching the ball off the backboard. As soon as they finish, they switch their roles and join the opposite lines from where they started, and the next pair starts their round. By Claudia Schleyer, Copyright @ 2007-2019 YouthHoops101.com. Play continues until Player 1 scores or until Player 2 stops him. 2 rebounders stand in front of the basket, while a shooter stands within shooting range in front of the free throw line. Player 1 jumps up, rebounds the ball and, while still in the air, throws it back over to Player 2. This is a 2-person drill that works on moving your feet to get good blockout position.
You need layup drills for mastering technique, individual drills to do at home, 1-on-1 drills, 2-on-1 drills, advantage / disadvantage drills, full team layup drills, and more. In the set shot, the first thing you need to do is to square up to the basket. The next two layup drills are competitive. On each drive, they must vary the angle of the shot. Player 1 rolls the ball to Player 2 who shoots. Click on link to go to specific drill or scroll down to see them all. All rights reserved. Player 1 starts under the basket with the ball. Repeat this on either side of the hoop, making it out to the corner and also on both wings. Player 2 stands behind Player 1 who is facing the wall. The coach must explain and demonstrate how to perform the layup from each spot before the players practice. Not only is this a good way to wind down with some mates, but you’re also honing your basketball skills outside of training. Player 1 rolls or bounces the ball to the left or right of Player 2. The game continues until one of the rebounders gets 3 rebounds. Start in a good basketball rebounding stance and jump up with both feet as high as possible. Players exchange positions, and play continues until someone scores 3 baskets. I’ll show you a fantastic 1-on-1 drill that will simulate in-game pressure (drill 3), and then we’ll transition to a competitive half-court drill (drill 4). The defender must protect the rim and try and cause confusion for the ball-handler. You can also practice changing speeds, dribbling slowly through one cone, then quickly increasing speed after you crossover past the next one. Continue this for a couple of minutes before moving back. An offensive player dribbles around the 3-point arc and must attack and score against the defender, who can’t go inside the arc until the offensive player goes attacks. On a signal from Player 2, Player 2 tries to get the ball while Player 1 pivots and tries to block her out. You could also simulate a catch and shoot situation by bouncing the ball in a direction then running to catch it. Player 2 plays dummy defense by putting arms straight up in the air to block the shot. Player 2 stands in front of Player 1, facing him. At any point, the offensive player can attack and attempt to score.