Where does my patience get me? This means that the extension now uses the "Identity" and "Email" permissions of Google Chrome. The staff are SUPER helpful and way nicer than at UofA. The course material was not stimulating, he didn't grade anything until the end of the session, & seemed so disconnected from the course. He comes from an engineering background. If you want an easy A for your money then take this course. DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE FROM THIS INSTRUCTOR. The structure of this class was so easy to follow and actually keep up with, especially for online which is so difficult for me usually. It's up to you if you pass. This is written in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic. He gets up there, reads a powerpoint, and leaves you out to hang. Not too challenging overall, but I think I really got something from this class. There's lots of things to do in Tempe. Does not give partial credit on Exam answers, either right final answer or not. Chrome extension to see Rate My Professors ratings in ASU class search A year ago we created ASU Professor Ratings, a chrome extension to show RMP ratings directly in ASU class searches. Biggest wasst of my money. He does not grade in anywhere near a 'timely' manner and even when he does, he does not provide any useful feedback that could help in future assignment. I want to scratch my eyes out this class is so painfully dull. I would not take again. There are also no "half marks" for calculations so if you mess up in one formula (none of which are given), you lose ALL the points. If you participate in all the discussions, do your writing assignments (there are a few), and follow the rubrics, you'll get an A. If you want to actually learn with a good prof then dont take this class. 5 weeks in and literally one assignment was graded. It's an interesting class, too! reviews, 123 It was a respectable campus, but this year really showed its true colors.

He was a very easy grader, but does not accept late work.
He gives literally no lectures. The Tempe campus is good overall--not the most charming and could use some architectural updates and greening-up. Socially, this school is amazing. Please enter a keyword in the Search box to search for faculty, staff or affiliates. A lot of the questions are wildly different on the exams than on the quizzes and practice. Tests are all short answer with no formulas provided. You can now rate your professors directly through Five Point Oh. Clear assignments and fair grading. Although ASU has a reputation to be one of the biggest party schools, it's honestly well-known for a lot of its programs. Quizzes cover questions that are vastly different from the lectures/practice problems.

Each assignment was answering the same exact 3 questions each week, with no new material.
The class is passable thought.

ASU is what you make it. Prof. Rodgers was not present at all. Hard class, showing up and working through the class lecture is what will keep you afloat in this course. Subject matter was good, but there was zero instruction. Weekly posts, responses and essay. Exams are not multiple choice and about 8 questions long and no cheat sheet or formula sheet.

IDK if he even exists.

It's very difficult to know how you are doing or if you need to change up how you do homework when there is no feedback to go by. Really slow on grading. Endless readings so buy the books. Plenty of places to study and do homework, the two main libraries are great, etc. Good class to pair up with something that is demanding of your time. This method, really helps you learn the content, and if you go to all classes you will do great on tests! He reads off powerpoints with 200 slides because he doesn't even know hot to use transitions, which made it impossible to go back through the powerpoints later. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. ASU Faculty and Staff Search. © 2020 Altice USA News, Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Campus is beautiful, many events, food is great, a lot to do socially and academically.

Tons of writing. Take ANYONE else. Tempe is fantastic as well, a lot to do!! Instructors generally care about the students' success, many have lots of industry experience. All material is copy and pasted from other courses. To use this extension you'll need to first install Chrome, which you can get here.

There are much better OGL professors. You'll never get a 100 on an assignment, BUT getting an A is pretty easy.