“Christ is Born and Revealed Great Tidings to you and us”!

With people’s wish he became Zmyurnia’s archbishop. Tina Garabedian and Simon Senecal returned to the skating rink in November after a year-long break to participate in the Warsaw Cup. We want to make sure that every single person, be it a tourist or a native,  who is curious about this country, gets  the most accurate, most appropriate information on many attractions and various things connected to Armenia and the Armenians. Even though today Christmas is, in fact, the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, it wasn’t until later that the Nativity was linked with the January 6th celebrations of the Theophany.

Christmas Eve is particularly very rich in traditions. Besides the delicious food, the children like New Year, for the long-expected visit of Santa Claus, called Dzmer Pap or Kaghand Pap in Armenian, who secretly enters into the houses on December 31-January 1 overnight. The actual celebrations, according to the ancient tradition of the church, was, in fact, a culmination of events which were related to God’s Incarnation. of 171.39 points as a result of two programs, and are now entitled to perform Although the celebration and customs of this holiday differ from country to country, it manages to remain one of the most favorite holidays in the Christian world. Tel.

In addition, those  people who observe January 7th which corresponds with December 25th on the Julian calendar are called “old calendarists.”. However, unable to find, she decided to deliver her trinkets to children in that area. During that day, people eat only vegetarian food. From December 30 to January 5, a week before the birth of Jesus starts the lent day. According to the traditions, Santa Claus comes on New Year’s Eve (December 31st). 0025 Yerevan, 5 Alex Manoogian str. Joe Biden: Hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh run the risk of escalating into a larger regional conflict… https://t.co/43yiTj6sFv, #Pope appeals for peace in the Caucasus https://t.co/eojZrhaDK1 via @armradio #ArtsakhStrong, Kim #Kardashian calls to condemn #Azerbaijani aggression against #Artsakh, cut off US military aid… https://t.co/U59bSuTiP7, Reproduction on full or in part is prohibited without reference to Public Radio of Armenia. $73.99. Children take fruits, nuts, and other candies to their older relatives as a present. Preparations begin weeks before. The commandment ‘Sell what you have and distribute the money to the poor’ became his life’s slogan. As you already know, the dates are December 25th and January 6th. However, some Orthodox Christians still maintain their liturgical calendars according to the ancient Julian calendar. (Blessed be Christ’s birth and revelation! In the morning of January 1, children find presents under the Christmas tree. People also believed that the doors of other “worlds” would be open on December 31.