And we are melting. Turkish consulate is not humanized yet. Where would I begin to look for commercial businesses during that period. It has let us see where certain types of people lived together (such as those born in the same places or working similar jobs) and what their housing conditions were like.” (Figure 3), “For instance, what you’ll see is that the neighborhood of Gedikpaşa was a center of footwear manufacturing around 1907. “We are like an iceberg in a sea of 82 million people. ISTANBUL — The Armenian population in Turkey, which makes up the largest Christian community in the country, “resembles an iceberg melting in the sea” with its some 60,000 members, the newly elected Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople Sahak II Mashalian has said in an interview with Hurriet daily news.. “Our biggest problem is the demography. “The state always leaves open wounds,” Danzikyan said.

One in three Armenians here does not plan to return home, said Anna Muradyan, a Yerevan-based independent researcher. ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A century after her forebears fled massacres in Turkey for Armenia, Alla has gone the other way, hoping to win Turkish citizenship after leaving her impoverished homeland.

My father is also from Adapazar and I am interested in any information having to do with Adapazar. All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. On the other hand, Sahak II also hailed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s decision to extend a message of condolences to the descendants of Armenians killed in the Genocide back in 2014. I am the granddaughter of Armenian Ottoman grandparents. I’m really interested in our history. They could of direct you to the source but they deliberately will not. But those 38 churches are like 38 different duchies,” he said. Boston and Watertown have the largest population of Armenian Americans in the state.

by people anywhere in the world.” Ohanian’s motivation in pursuing the project was to see what could be done—not only by his team, but also by future researchers—when Armenian studies and Ottoman studies experts brought their respective knowledge to bear upon a single topic. The use of GIS is quite new to Ottoman studies and entirely new to Armenian studies, Ohanian explains. The area’s 4,200 residents retreated to the nearby Mount Musa, holding out for 53 days before being rescued and evacuated by allied warships to Port Said in Egypt. We lose 26 of our adult individuals per 12 newborns. Our population has been decreasing rapidly. All rights reserved. Their memories will be filled the same way ours are.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. “Even the Armenian Patriarchate has not been defined. So, by translating this material and putting it online, we were trying to overcome significant linguistic and geographic barriers to research.”.

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Get notified of the latest updates from MassisPost. Janbazian also taught Armenian History and Creative Writing at the ARS Armenian Private School of Toronto, and has worked on several translations.

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But those 38 churches are like 38 different duchies,” he said. We have 38 churches and 42 foundations. Low-skilled labourers, especially women, struggle in landlocked Armenia, where per-capita income is about $4,000 and unemployment hovers at 17 percent, according to the World Bank. Thanks again! Published by the GOMIDAS INSTITUTE LONDON. Nearby a small group protested, holding signs that read: “The genocide is an imperialist lie.” Police kept the groups apart. An overwhelming majority of Turks do not believe a genocide occurred. “Our first goal was to copy, translate, and analyze census information about the Armenian population of the province of Istanbul from 1830 to 1907,” explained Ohanian. Good luck.

The parliament will vote on designating a day for the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. In central Istanbul, a few hundred people, clutching carnations and photographs of Armenian luminaries killed in the massacres, held a moment of silence at a grassroots memorial. But those 38 churches are like 38 different duchies,” he said. My grandfather eventuality ended up in Russia. For more information and questions concerning our website contact us on the following address [email protected] If you like to insert an advertisment into our website write on the following address [email protected].

A bus ticket bringing them from Yerevan to Istanbul and, they hope, a better life costs the equivalent of about $50. “We live in fear they (the Turkish authorities) can kick us out if something happens,” said Alla, who did not want her full name published because of her illegal status in Turkey. Founded in Berlin in 2010, Houshamadyan’s basic mission is to reconstruct and preserve the memory of Armenian life in the Ottoman Empire through research. When the first world war ended, they returned home. The first set of records, which are written in Ottoman Turkish, were created between the 1830s and 1880s (Figure 1). Would you please write down for the the address of the site, that would be much helpful. “We are like an iceberg in a sea of 82 million people. Almost half of the 180 people who were recorded in the census as being involved in this line of work were all from the same city: Tekirdağ (Rodosto) in Eastern Thrace. An adult daughter, who was disabled, died this year.

He was enthroned as Sahak II in a ceremony held at the Surp Asdvadzadzin Patriarchate Church in Istanbul on Jan. 11.