Veronica will cause a commotion and Archie will make a break for the drain under the ring. Riverdale’s upcoming fifth season could kill its main character, Archie Andrews, its showrunner has teased. The Serpents take 2nd floor while Archie, Mad Dog, and his guys take the 1st floor. Thanks to Veronica, who put in a to-go order at the country club, the community center is stocked with food, enough the feed the town. He claims that he caught one of the kids from the community center, Toby, stealing from his store. Informazioni su dispositivo e connessione Internet, incluso l'indirizzo IP, Attività di navigazione e di ricerca durante l'utilizzo dei siti web e delle app di Verizon Media.

Veronica says to Archie that he made amends with the Ronsons the best way he could, and now it’s time to look into the future.

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He wants Mad Dog to join him. Munroe takes the risk nonetheless. He is portrayed by Eli Goree.

54. But we need to talk about that boxing match. Elio tries getting a fight for one of his boys, but the boxing ring owner won’t have it.

By the end of the game, it’s the Bulldogs’ 6 points to the Stallions’ 7, and Archie is planning to go for a two-point conversion. Archie gets back in the ring for possibly the fight of his life – against Hiram – in these new stills from Riverdale. Mad Dog gets the better of Reggie and scores. On Katy Keene, KO is covered in tattoos, but Holtz has no ink at all in the photo from the crossover. Veronica proposes a couple more ideas, but none worth pursuing. Archie's been missing from Riverdale High for nearly a week. Archie assures Mad Dog that they’ll get the Gargoyles out. The two series, which belong to the Archie Comics universe, feature prominent boxing plots. Archie, Mad Dog, and Veronica head down to Pop’s, where they watch the news report of Elio claiming that Archie provided Randy with the drugs that killed him. Munroe wants to teach them a lesson, but Archie advises him against it. While leaving the community center, Munroe is attacked by four guys wearing bunny masks. Archie leads the offensive line at Bulldogs' practice. If he puts any type of pressure on his knee, it could cause permanent damage.
All Archie has to do is get one of his parents to sign off on it. It's not clear when this crossover boxing match will happen; Riverdale's next new episode (Season 4, Episode 17, airing on April 8) will be the annual musical episode, set to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which does not really seem like it will include this boxing showdown. He realizes that Archie went after Dodger without him. [1], Mad Dog tells Archie about the prison transfer. Archie, Veronica, and Munroe plan to follow through with their Thanksgiving plans. Archie may have taken a beaten, but he didn’t leave empty handed. Jughead’s off on his own on another floor.

Not long after, Archie and Jughead make their way back into the hallway to find Mad Dog still fighting with the Gargoyles, and so Archie decides to help him out, leaving Jughead to get Kurtz out on his own. After Archie says they're in his locker, he and Mad Dog meet up at the gym to recover the drugs and dispose of them. Munroe and Archie host a Thanksgiving dinner at the community center as planned. Reggie picks a fight with Mad Dog in the locker room after practice. Veronica, Munroe, Mary, Malcolm, Eddy, and Toby watch as this unfolds. Elio versucht wieder einmal, Archie einen Mord anzuhängen. Don't expect Ronson to rise from the dead, though; Hinds also helps out with stunt work on the show, and he's a boxer in real life, so he's likely just on set for some behind-the-scenes help. And while this may not be what Archie wants, Mad Dog will always remember what Archie did for him.[2]. Veronica offers to front the money, but Archie doesn’t want anymore handouts. Mad Dog gives Archie a heads up that Randy is juicing, but not with steroids. So, the moment they’re ready to start making some real money, Elio tells them to come see him at Casa Grande Gym. Until FP arrives, they’ll keep the party going.