The 343 V8 could reach 60 in just over seven seconds to make this a groundbreaker for both AMC and the muscle car genre. The extra-duty suspension let it hug the corners nicely. This is an AMAZING 72 Javelin AMX Hot Rod in fabulous condition all around!! At the time, it was the largest corporate merger in U.S.

1970 AMC Ambassador Wagon. Lacking its own prestige model line in the early 1960s, Renault assembled CKD kits and marketed Rambler cars in France. While the two-wheel drive Spirit and Concord were both discontinued after 1983 as the company concentrated on its new Renault Alliance, the Eagle survived for five years longer, albeit only in station wagon form, into the 1988 model year. Roy D. Chapin drew on his experiences as a hunter and fisherman and marketed the Jeep brand successfully to people with like interests.

[54] This was followed by the 1968 Rebel. There are active Rambler and American Motors car clubs in the U.S. and elsewhere (examples in External Links). There were quality control problems with the introduction of the new full-sized cars, as well as persistent rumors of the company's demise because of their precarious cash flow. George Romney himself pitched the Rambler product in the television commercials. The full-sized Ambassador was discontinued as American Motors's flagship line after the 1974 model year, leaving only the Matador as American Motors's full-size offering. I have a super sloid 1961 AMC Rambler Cross Country Wagon from The West CoastIt has an overhead valve aluminium straight six. Eagles rapidly became one of the company's best-known products and are considered one of the first "crossover SUVs".

[19] He was with the automaker 20 years and was noted for orchestrating "the complicated linkup between American Motors and Renault starting in 1979.

It was a sporty appearance package on the Hornet hatchback featuring upgrades, as well as the 258 cu in (4.2 L) inline six as standard with a choice of three-speed automatic or four-speed manual transmissions. The separate Nash and Hudson dealer networks were retained. A later version shifted to a 401 V8 for 335 hp, which was a bit slower but still capable of hitting 60 mph in only six seconds, which was quite impressive. ", "The Spirit Is Still Alive: American Motors Corporation 1954–1987", "Motoring Memories: AMC Ambassador, 1965–1966", "American Motors Picks Chapin For Chief as 2 Men Step Down; Evans and Abernethy Drop Out of Management Team Luneburg Is President",,, "Can American Motors shed its sad-sack image? [159] In 1916, an earlier "American Motors Corporation", apparently unrelated to the more famous later corporation of the same name, was formed in Newark, New Jersey, with Louis Chevrolet as vice president and chief engineer. Although Chrysler introduced new logos for its brands in the 1990s and again in 2010 after the Fiat Group took control of the company, Jeep still uses the American Motors-era logo introduced shortly after American Motors's purchase of the brand in 1970. The face-lifts and rebranding of American Motors's once-innovative and successful cars were not enough in a competitive landscape that had changed dramatically. The popularity of these downsized Jeeps pioneered a new market segment for what later became defined as the sport utility vehicle (SUV). Holley dual bille... 1969 AMC SC/HURST RAMBLER Rambler became a marque in its own right and the mainstay of the company. [33] In 1948, Romney received offers from Packard for the post of chief operating officer and from Nash for the number two position in the company.

Initially the Tarpon, the, The critical problem was the majority of Gremlins had a V6 for pitifully slow times.

[84] By September that year, American Motors's U.S. market share had fallen to 1.7%, and in November sales dropped 19.1%. The new management responded with tactical moves by selling the lawn care Wheel Horse Products Division and signing an agreement to build Jeeps in the People's Republic of China. George Romney left American Motors in 1962 to run for governor in Michigan and was replaced as CEO by Roy Abernethy. The Alliance was a European-designed car and not fully suited to U.S. market demands. Typical 6 cylinder automatic. This second generation model was made virtually unchanged until 1978. That included the impressive stunt of doing a 360 corkscrew in a mid-air jump. In December, Pacer production ceased after a small run of 1980 models was built to use up parts stock. Because they were assembled using the old "gate and buck system" and the tooling could be easily moved, Chrysler could supply the components and control the quality, while American Motors assembled the car.