Having trouble logging in or don't have an account? If the student fails to attain the minimum standards for pace of progress or cumulative GPA by the end of the warning period, he or she will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. Although each four-year institution is different, you may increase the likelihood of the transferability of your courses by being active and responsible in the advisement process. Click on Sign In (top right corner) then use your full Dallas College email address and password to login. and eBooks. An eligible student may receive financial aid for a maximum of 30 attempted credit hours of developmental/remedial course work. How does the student plan to achieve success for this semester?

Previous hours attempted by a student who has been cleared for a “fresh start” by Dallas College will continue to count toward the student’s 150% maximum time frame. One reason that this may occur is if the student has not attended Dallas College in the past few years. If a 67% cumulative pace of progress is not reached by the end of the warning period, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. For a quick overview of the standards you are required to maintain, see our Dallas College are counted when calculating the 150% maximum time frame. Access library resources such as Academic Search Complete and other library databases when not at Brookhaven College or another Dallas County Community College with your eCampus login details, which is your full Dallas College email address and password. Faculty/Staff email example: abc1234@dcccd.edu. Once SAP is calculated, students who have attempted 150% of the minimum number of credit hours needed to complete their primary program of study will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. With footage from 1930 to the present and updated monthly, this collection of more than 75,000 videos covers a wide variety of topics. Brookhaven Research Guides; Cedar Valley Research Guides Credit hours transferred to Not all Field of Study Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees include all core curriculum course requirements. The following SAP policy measurements became effective Aug. 24, 2020. Academic Transfer Programs Dallas College offers a broad range of educational opportunities for the student whose goal is to transfer to a four-year institution. The Dallas College Office of Financial Aid will review academic records at the end of each period of enrollment and determine each student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress status.

Grades of W, WX, E, F and I will be counted as hours attempted but will not be counted as hours successfully passed. Students with a Satisfactory Academic Progress status of Suspension may submit an appeal request.

Dallas College is required by law to formulate standards to measure a student’s progress toward completion of a program of study while receiving financial assistance through federal, state or institutional student aid programs by applying both qualitative and quantitative measurements to academic work (34 CFR 668.34). Resources for Students Transferring from Dallas College, Field of Study Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, Report Sexual Assault or Misconduct (Title IX), For students entering public Texas institutions Fall 1999 - Summer Committee representatives will be identified by the chair/leader of the respective workgroup/council and will serve for a period of two years.