Wirelock Hybrids: The Cat • The Rat, Montsers: Monster Cat • Monster Rat • Monster Vinnie When you start to turn to the right, Vinnie jumps in front of the camera with white glowing eyes. A problem, your problem" is revealed in Five Nights at Candy's 3; The Puppeteer accidentally killed an employee in The Rat costume, and later killed another employee in The Cat costume.

Vinnie's line "A mistake, my mistake. I know... No. Forgottens: Forgotten Candy • Forgotten Cat • Mini Candies Yes, I have it. Vinnie moves towards the camera and twitches his face while the words: A MISTAKE, MY MISTAKE, A PROBLEM, YOUR PROBLEM appear.

The last time you see Vinnie is the fourth cutscene. The shirt has 3 white buttons. In minigames the animatronic version of Vinnie can be seen, that resembles a lot his Monster version in gameplay that is the final boss of the series.

The setting is like the second cutscene, which is the same conveyor belt with blood-stained animatronic parts.

"A mistake, my mistake... A problem, your problem." Funtimes: Funtime Candy • Funtime Cindy

" Yes, I hear you. Monster Vinnie with the other animaltronics from Fnac 1 to 3.

A problem, your problem." Instead of rotating in a triangular pattern, he will rotate in a hexagonal one. Vinnie is shown twitching, and moves the same way as he does in the first cutscene. The next time Vinnie is shown is the fourth cutscene. I had everything...", "...and then you took it away. Monster Vinnie, also known as Monster Reverse Puppet, is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Candy's 3. Vinnie is similar to the original Puppet from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, only with blue cheeks and lips and a frowning mouth. New Vinnie is a string/ventriloquist puppet with a grayish white face. Mary, however, was stuck with the trauma of him murdering her animatronic friends for many years until she saw a therapist.

Monster Vinnie's jumpscare when you fail to flash the light on him. He has brown-orange eyes, two blue cheeks and two blue lines down his face. If you see him on the left or right side under the bed, look the opposite way, then look at the side he's on. The weight of your guilt has been erased. In the fifth and final cutscene in which he appears, he comes closer to the camera similar way of the first night, only now he approaches from the darker areas behind the conveyor belt.

I don't even know if it still would've happened, if you hadn't been there. The second time Vinnie is presented is at the third cutscene. Vinnie with the other animaltronics from Fnac 1 to 3. https://five-nights-at-candys.fandom.com/wiki/Vinnie?oldid=35339, The meaning of his phrases "A mistake, my mistake. https://fivenightsatcandys.fandom.com/wiki/Monster_Vinnie?oldid=22148.

A different position from the night 5 cutscene. Monster Vinnie is one of the 3 animatronics to have a different appearance from FNAC 1, the other being, Monster Vinnie's actor in Mary Schmidt's waking life is a regular human puppeteer, who kills Monster RAT and CAT's actors in front of Mary's eyes in one of FNAC 3's cutscenes. Vinnie returned in Five Nights at Candy's 3's minigames, with an explanation for his existence in the Five N… Dialogue from beginning of the Final Night. Withereds: Withered Blank • Withered Chester • Withered New Candy • Withered New Cindy • Withered Penguin He appears in the Minigames as his normal version and he's the Final Boss of the game at Night 6, you need to beat him twice as a requirement of getting the Lollipop ending. Monster Vinnie is the antagonist in the final night. Vinnie is a Puppet who is a backround character in FNAC. His cheeks are also blue. He wears a black-and-white striped undershirt and underpants. When you fail to flash the light in his eyes, you will be greeted with a jumpscare. As shown in FNaC 3, originally Vinnie had a happy facial expression. In the fourth cutscene, he is looking at Candy and Cindy, whom are sitting on a conveyor belt in the factory, pointing at them in an accusing manner, due to Mary being the cause of their creation. All the while, he is continuously twitching spasmodically. In the first one, the camera you control moves from side to side. Others: Dawko Marionette • Lollipop • Markiplier Animatronic • Nightmare Candy • Origami Cat • Phantom Candy • Scribble Netty, Mary's hallucination of the Puppeteer's Puppet. Vinnie is shown one time on the left side, then disappears.

He then quickly moves in front of the camera by way of a jumpscare at the end of the cutscene. His face is white and two blue lines run from his eyes down to his wide open mouth.