The suspected gunman has insisted that he had killed Kem Ley over a $3,000 debt. I took every photo ever taken of Nang; many of them are within Nang’s Story, to your left in the Index.
(we have possible examples of Boddhisatvas in say Mother Theresa, or even Nelson Mandela or Ghandi – controversial names I know but I hope you get the idea. The music, chanting and prayers continue from dawn to dusk.
It is all about helping Nang as best we can. A marquee, food, a dais and hundreds of people – sitting, talking, laughing, crying, eating, chatting and milling around – prayers, chanting – a very good day.

My writing today ….. A very interesting photograph. After 100 days a final prayer ceremony is conducted, but such a ceremony is optional and not as important as the initial ceremonies. All this is to show the Spirit World things they might not know or may have missed, to encourage a favourable ‘onward’ journey. Endurance driving adventures in a selection of vintage cars and a Land Rover Defender. I have enlarged many of Nang’s photos partly to ensure that 6 year old Peery has a chance of remembering her wonderful mother. (Nang fought death right to the last second. I took it after Peery’s first day at School. We have a Chevy Tahoe - oh boy! สังฆทาน or "SANG KHATHAN" are offered to Buddhist monks. Our monks are VERY good. A Chevy, chicken and cactus, plus a reconnection. So: there is a total belief that what we THINK and SAY about a person after their death effects their ‘pathway’ or ‘onward journey’.. For the first hundred days that you are dead you are not aware of it. (All the official prayers and chanting is broadcast all day from a loudspeaker)….. It can be held at the temple or the home, but usually is held at the temple. Peery not entirely sure what to make of the day. You must be logged in to use lightbox functionality, by Satoshi Takahashi/LightRocket via Getty Images, Contact the contributor about this gallery. All day long, the tables fill and the people move on to chat and tell tales of Nang’s life. The 100 day ceremony is for everyone who knew Nang – family and friends – to show their support and love for Nang – to be together all day, eating and talking and praying – our local monks and nuns are here too -…. City Hall, accusing organizers of trying to turn the traditional religious event into an anti-government protest, had rejected two requests … Food being prepared throughout the day. Nang’s Doctor (See Nang’s Story) – ‘OUR Doctor – Doctor Tour Suy – wrote to me . This ‘onward journey’ can take any form. So there is an entrance fee of about $1 which most people can’t afford, so ‘most people’ give a small bag of rice and/or a couple of home grown vegetables… The day unfolds within the photos so you should be able to find written comment from me that matches one or more of the photos. Father-in-law's 100 day ceremony. “Nang is with you and me always” and I replied ‘Always”… Right now,- Nang is with me.. Nang’s Story is far from over. This would mean that Nang is given the chance of Nirvana (Heaven) or she can be reborn to help the WORLD. The people pay their respects to him under the famous slogan 'Wipe your tears and continue your journey'. I'm a vintage car endurance rallying addict. In the Buddhist religion this has enormous significance. so most people paid with a small bag of rice or a home grown vegetable or fruit. Babs’ travels -The Peking to Paris Rally and other driving adventures. Food is given to Nang.. For the first hundred days that you are dead you are not aware of it.